Monday, October 21, 2013

- - Julep - -

Sometime in the next few posts or so I'll be putting up a review of my first ever starter kit from Julep. 

This month I've become really interested in subsciption beauty boxes. I've had a chance to read up on a range of beauty boxes such as: Topbox, Luxe Box, Julep, Glossybox, Birchbox, and a few others as well. Unfortunately, I'm just not experienced enough them to post anything about them in length. Instead, if you're looking for more information about what these boxes have to offer or just want some basic info about them, great places to consult are: The Scenic Route. and Beauty Box Canada. I don't have any affiliations with these blogs; I just found them to be really useful sources for information.

Excitedly, I went ahead and subscribed to Beauty Box Five, Julep, and Luxe Box. I got onto the waiting list for Topbox, but from what I understand it takes several months to get past the waiting list. In any case, the first beauty box I have received has been from Julep...

- - Julep - -

Basic Info:
- - Cost: $19.99/a month (referral link here)
- - Main beauty product: nail polish
- - Shipping Cost: FREE (7 - 10 days)

The way that the website works is that you initially have to complete a short quiz that determines what style profile you fall into. Possible syle profiles are:

Modern Beauty
"You’re a savvy tastemaker obsessed with the art and science of beauty."

Boho Glam
"You’re a dynamic free spirit with a creative eye."

"You’re a confident frill-seeker with magnetic appeal."

Classic With a Twist
 "You’re an iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic."

It Girl
"You’re a colorful trendsetter who’s not afraid to be bold."

You will be matched up with one style profile and, in turn, one set of (typically) three full-sized items that has been carefully curated to match your style profile. However, at this point, you don't need to feel obligated to stick to the style that has been given to you. Initiall I got "Bombshell" but for my starter kit I ended up switching to "Classic With a Twist," and with the upcoming November box, I think I am going to choose Boho Glam.  

- - Get notified on the 20th of every month about the contents of your box [choose to: 1) stick with the selection, 2) try another style, 3) skip the month - no charge, or 4) gift the box to a friend - no charge, by the 24th]
- - Able to add-on items
- - Able to upgrade your boxes
- - Earn Jules (points) that you can use towards free items & boxes
- - Free shipping
- - 20% off at the Julep online store
- - A "secret shop" on the 1st of every month for 72 hours

Overall, what I really like is that this company stands for empowering women and making them feel connected and beautiful. Probably the best explanation you can get of this is from the About Julep page on the Julep website.

I'm pretty excited about talking about Julep in the coming posts.

As always, thank you for reading!

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