Monday, October 21, 2013

- - New Haircut - -


I hope you are having/have had a wonderful Monday :)

Yesterday I finally went ahead to my favourite hairdressing salon and got myself a new haircut. It's about time too! I used to have pretty long hair, but then I cut it in December of last year and then I had it trimmed in March. Ever since March then I haven't cut my hair at all. My bangs grew out soo long that I have had to use bobby pins for about two months now. Why would I grow my hair out, you ask?

Well, when I got it cut last year it was the shortest it had ever been at that point. I've wanted to try a short hairstyle for some time at that point. Also, around that same time I had watched Wreck-It-Ralph (fantastic movie, I encourage all of you to check it out) and after being inspired by Jane Lynch's character, Calhoun, I finally decided to try out short hair.

Where I am going with this -- although I loved my short hair, from time to time I would feel like I wanted my longer hair back. So that is why I didn't touch my hair and just let it grow out. Finally though, I decided to get my hair cut and try a slightly different hairstyle than before. Last year what I got was essentially a bob, with the hairline being ever so slightly shorter at the back than the front. This year I decided to make that difference in length a bit more noticeable.

Anyways, at this point this post is probably a lot longer than it needed to be, haha. Let's just get to the final product:

It looks a lot better in person, I swear!

 Thanks for reading!

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