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- - Beauty Box 5 | November 2013 Review - -

 Happy Monday everyone!

A few weeks ago I decided to give Beauty Box 5 a try. What appealed to me about Beauty Box 5 was that: 

A) There was no waitlist (unlike Topbox & Ipsy -- I got off the waitlist of Ipsy last week!),  and 
B) It's fairly cheap.

Basic Info
Frequency: monthly
Subscription Plans: Pay monthly = $12; 3-months = $10/month; Annual = $8.25/month
Products: 4-5 beauty products

I signed up for Beauty Box 5 before I was familiar with other subscription boxes such as Saffron Rouge & Luxe Box. However, I received Beauty Box 5 AFTER both of those boxes. As always, it's really exciting to receive a package with a few misterious goodies, but I honestly can't say that I was blown away by the products.

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The first peek...


1) Positively Nourishing Calming Body Wash (Aveeno)
     Sample size: 59mL/2fl.oz for about $2  ///  Full size: 16fl.oz for $6.99

This my favourite product from the box. It has a lovely lavender smell and it's a product that is supposed to have calming properties. I'll probably use this for the first time tonight to stop myself from stressing out over my late essay.

2) Glacial Face Mask (Montagne jeunesse)
     Sample size: FULL SIZE ($2.49)

So, at first glance, I wasn't too impressed with this product. 

I've never really used face masks. When I was yonger I always wanted to try out a face mask after seeing them in drug stores and grocery stores (yes, grocery stores). I longed to try one out, but my mom never let me. Of course, now I can fully purchase a face mask for myself. I hate to say it, but it almost seems like these kinds of products are mainly for playing around. I say this because I haven't really seen any kind of change after using my Forever 21 masks. But maybe you need to use them continuously or maybe it's because it's Forever 21.

In any case, now that I'm taking a closer look at this clay mask, I'm kind of impressed by it. The smell is stated as "arctic cloudberry & red grape." The package feels really soft, and I find it pretty cool that this mask is made out of real clay. I'll let you know how this product works out when I use it.

Also, is this not a creepy picture?? It almost seems like a demon from an Indiana Jones film.

3) Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues (Blum)
     Sample size: FULL SIZE (50 sheets for $2.99)

This may just be the most useless products out of this box for me. I'm not even really sure why I got it since I don't have overly-oil skin. If anything, my skin is pretty dry. There are 50 sheets in this package and they honestly feel like wax paper. I've read reviews of these and aparently they do work. I can't really comment on this...

4) Eye Crayon in "Angel Eyes" (Be a Bombshell Cosmetics)
     Sample size: FULL SIZE ($14.00)

Apparently these products are pretty popular in beauty boxes. In any case, this is the very first "Be a Bombshell" product that I own. I guess this would be kind of like an eye shadow. The colour is "Angel Eyes," which is silvery and shimmery. 

My only complaint about this product is that it came in less than stellar shape. When I first opened the eye crayon, the tip and cap of it looked like someone had twisted it so much that the crayon had smashed up against the top of the lid. This is what I mean:

I'm not really a person to complain. I simply took a tissue and rubbed it over the crayon. I'll clean the lid with a Q-tip later. It's not a big deal -- I just don't understand how something like this happens.

5) Shimmer Powder in "Penny" (Bellapierre Cosmetics)
    Sample size: FULL SIZE ($14.99 for 0.08oz)


When I first picked this up, I noticed that the lid was pretty loose...good thing the actual powder was sealed. I've been reading other reviews of this box and other people have gotten this powder in colours such as lilac and green. "Penny" is a copper colour that I'm pretty such I got because of my green eyes. I don't mind it too much.

Side Note
I'm not sure if past boxes had the same thing, but there weren't many worms in this box at all. I am certainly not complaining!

Coming to the end of my review, I've actually come to appreciate this box and its content. You definitely get what you paid for. I paid $12 and I got just over $36 worth of products. Not bad! While there's not really a "wow" factor, this is definitely a great way to try out certain products for a reasonable price. In any case, this is also a small pleasant surprise to look forward to each month.

Thank you for reading!

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