Friday, November 08, 2013

- - Julep | A Closer Look At Cynthia - -

'Classic With a Twist' nail colour - Cynthia.

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

My fascination with the Julep nail colour, Cynthia, continues :) In my review of Julep's November Boho Glam collection I didn't really focus very much on Cynthia, but I figured that the nail polish was beautiful enough to have a post devoted solely to it.

The Julep photos don't really do this nail colour much justice... 

Julep's description of the colour is, "Desert sand microglitter." You know how when you look at sand you can see a world full of tiny colourful grains in it? That's basically what I am reminded of when I look at this nail colour.

When I first reviewed the Boho Glam collection, I didn't really have a full sense of what Cynthia looked like. I was a bit disappointed that the microglitter doesn't actually transfer over well after two coats. But I was just basing this on a trial of one fingernail. It's not until that I painted all of my nails that I saw the full impact of this nail polish.

Trying out Cynthia for the first time.

Despite what I thought initially, you CAN actually see the microglitter with two coats. It doesn't actually look like gold nail polish with white specks in it.

Haha, while I realise that it may not see like a big change in the pictures, in person, the nail polish is quite nicer. It's a darker gold and there is a multitude of colours of the microglitter.

A close-up of the bottle.

I honestly can't stop looking at my nails :) Julep definitely did a really great job with this colour. I might just purchase another bottle - for a friend or just in case mine ever runs out ;).

Thank you for reading! Best wishes to you all for this upcoming weekend~

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