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- - Julep | Diamond Mystery Box Review - -

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Thursday!

I've finally gotten through all of my essays for the fall term and now there are only mid-term exams left. It's been a pretty busy week for me, but I'm pretty happy to finally take a break and talk to you about Julep's Diamond Mystery Box. It seems like a lot of people were pretty excited for the unboxing. I typically try not to ruin surprises, but I know I was checking through google to see if anyone had posted anything about it. There are several blogs and videos that have been showcasing the unboxing by now. In any case, this is my addition :)

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Alright, so according to the description I got version #1. I've had a few chances to see what other people have gotten and I was a bit bummed by the prospect of getting Claudette again. But I also saw that some people were getting Candace and that's a colour that I was certainly excited to get. It turned out that I didn't get either one of those colours.

 A look at the contents:

Nail polishes

Left to Right: Geo, Antonia, Helen, Coco, Kristy, Marion, & Reece

If you'd like to check out any of these nail polishes, I've linked all the ones I could find to their appropriate Julep page:

Geo (Bombshell) - Lavender holographic diamond glitter top coat.
Antonia (It Girl) - Light pink holographic diamond glitter top coat.
Helen (Classic With a Twist) -  Smoky pastel lavender crème.
Coco (It Girl) - Oxblood crème.
Kristy (Boho Glam) - Midnight blue crème.
Marion (It Girl) - Smoky blue with silver shimmer.
Reece (It Girl) - Holographic shimmer.

I couldn't find Geo & Antonia anywhere except for the Diamond Mystery Box, which seems to be out of stock at the moment that I'm writing this. I can;t seem to find a page for Marion as well, so I'm assuming it's an old colour.

What I found pretty funny was that I ordered Reece and it actually arrived a day before this box did. I've also got Helen already from my Julep starter box. Even though I would've been bummed out if I got Claudette, I actually don't mind getting duplicates of Helen & Reece. They're really great colours. Helen is a shade of lavender (I've actually already reviewed it here), and Reece is gorgeous as well. Actually, I first signed up for Julep In October - too late for both the September and the October box. But I was reading reviews of the September box and a lot of people were adoring Reece. Since I've been getting quite a few nail polishes from Julep lately, and because their packaging is so awesome, I think that I'm going to gift my duplicates to a friend for Christmas.

I'm going to be posting some other swatches in the coming posts, but for now I'll give you a closer look at some of these nail polishes.

I couldn't get any swatches with natural light, so I'll probably add that in when I get a chance. I hope these pictures helped you with understanding what the colours look like. Also, it's strange but Reece looks grey when swatches on the sticker. It's actually purple:
Reece, Lois, & Paris
Moving on, I also got another duplicate product in this box. It was Julep's Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick. This product is supposed to help you prevent blisters - especially when you've got a new pair of shoes. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet (I purchased this product during the 50% off promotion), but the reviews have been fairly good.
This product is fairly small in size - just over 8cm long.

Next, the box contained Julep's Eyelash Curler. I'm pretty excited about this product & it works quite well. It's also very small and portable.

I've only been about to find this eyelash curler in two sets: one & two.

Next up are Julep's Pink Body Frosting & Scrub Mitt:

The Body Frosting smells pretty nice - even my mom liked the smell (which rarely happens with the products I get)! It's also pretty creamy and hydrates me skin well. I haven't tried out the mitt yet, but it has a nice, slightly rough texture to it, so I imagine it would work quite well with a body scrub. My only issue with these products is that I've seen them on sale for the past couple of months - maybe Julep was just trying to get rid of its inventory by placing these items in this box?

Honestly, I kind of wished that the box would be a little more theme-oriented. For example, I was hoping that there would be some sort of nail-strengthening items. It would make sense for there to be because diamonds are tough; therefore, Julep could've played around with that idea. In any case, I think the last product in this box -- the rock candy -- was a really nice touch. I've heard of Julep placing candy in its boxes before, but this is the first time that I've actually received candy in one of my boxes. Thanks, Julep!

Despite the three duplicate items, I'm actually really happy with this box. It's getting pretty late, so I'll go back and include all of the prices tomorrow (or rather, later today - it's 2am now!).

I'd love to see what other people got in their boxes, so feel free to post in the comments below :)


Phew! Another lengthy review completed! I usually spend a lot of time on these reviews, so if anyone has a moment to share some feedback in the comments or in the contact form below, that would be amazingly awesome!

Finally, if anyone would like to give Julep a try, the subscription boxes are $19.99 a month. If you'd like more information, I discuss Julep a little more in detail here. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could use my referral link, but don't feel pressured to do so! Keep in mind that you could get your first box free by using the code: FREEBOX.


As always, thank you kindly for your time~

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