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- - Beauty Box 5 | December 2013 Review - -

Happy Tuesday & Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating the Orthodox Christmas!

Today I have for you the review of the Beauty Box 5 December 2013 box. This is the second month of my BB5 subscription and I have to say that this box was definitely a lot better than the one I received in November. Unlike the November box, the products this month were a lot more useful to me (sans maybe the NYX eyeshadow palette). My only issue with this box is that it felt like it took forever to reach me; this was the last subscription box that I received in December. Nonetheless, I did receive it, and for a full review of the box, please click "Read more"...

Beauty Box 5 - Basic Info 
Frequency: monthly  
Subscription Plans: Pay monthly = $12; 3-months = $10/month; Annual = $8.25/month 
Products: 4-5 beauty products

December 2013 box:

One of my favourite features of BB5 is that they send you a product card with every box that describes every product you're receiving. There is often a discount code for most products should you wish to purchase a full-sized bottle or anything else from a brand website. 

The front of the card features the theme for the month. For December 2013, the theme was "Naughty and Nice" (remember Julep's mystery box last month??), which I thought was pretty appropriate considering we were going through a period of holidays.
Product card is featured in every box.

In the November box there was a slight presence of packaging worms; they were completely gone in the December box.

Overview of Products

 1 | Love in Rio Eyeshadow Palette in Sway With Lola: LIR13 (NYX Cosmetics)
      (FULL SIZE: $6.00)
      (Link to product

This was the very first product to catch my eye as I lifted the product card - - this palette is definitely quite colourful! "Sway With Lola" features three colours: soft pink, shimmery light brown, and baby blue. Although I'm not sure how well these colours go my green eyes, I am excited about this combination. As I mentioned in my December 2013 ipsy glam bag review, I'm not much of an eyeshadow person, but I am definitely not complaining that I received this.

Two things really struck me about this product: 1) its adorable packaging (note the bow at the closure), and 2) the variety of colours that NYX Cosmetics offers their eyeshadow palettes in. As a side note - this is my second product from NYX Cosmetics (the first was the extra creamy lipstick from ipsy).

2 | Daily Moisturizing Lotion in Sun Splashed Mango (Body Drench)
      (Sample size: roughly $2 for 59mL/2 fl.oz | Full size: $8.99 for 16.9 fl.oz)
      (Link to product: brand website | where to buy

This product has been interesting to try. I've never heard of this brand, and I didn't receive this lotion in a plastic package like some people did. I'm typically not a fan of mango, and to be completely honest, this product doesn't make me want to change my mind. I thought that because eating mangos and smelling them are two completely different things, I'd be okay. But sometimes I find that the smell kind of gets to me. For a mango-loving person, this would be perfect. For me though, not so much. Nonetheless, I do still use this product, but on my legs - where they are the farthest from my nose.

I've included two different links where you can find this product; however, I could only find the original scent of the Body Drench lotion. You can still purchase this lotion off of sites like eBay. On Amazon, however, it is sold out. If you check the date on Amazon for when this product was released (in this flavour), it says 2007...so this is definitely a product that's been around for a while.

3 | Sultry Lipgloss Plumper (Ofra Cosmetics)
      (FULL SIZE: $12.95 for 10mL)
      (Link to product


I absolutely love this product! I haven't experienced any kind of stinging when using this lipgloss plumper, and I do find that I use it on a regular basis to add a bit of colour to my lips. The strength of the colour really depends on how much you layer it on. This product is pretty thick in its consistency, so you only need a little bit to achieve a strong colour. I'm not really sure what a "lipgloss plumper" is supposed to do, so I'm not really sure how well it achieves its intended purpose. 

One thing that throws me off about this product is the price. In size, the plumper is about the length of my palm (if resting diagonally), so $13 definitely seems a bit steep for this product. I'm really glad that I got to try out this plumper and I'm glad that the product card provides a 25% discount code, but I just don't think I'll be purchasing this product anytime soon.

4 | Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer (Clean & Clear)
      (Sample size: roughly $2 for 0.5 oz | Full size: $6.99 for 3 oz)
      (Link to product: brand website | where to buy

I was pleasantly surprised to get a Clean & Clear product in my box. My only issue with this product was that it didn't say where to apply it, so I just assumed that it is a facial moisturizer. About a week ago, I was at my local Shoppers Drug Mart and I saw that this was definitely a facial moisturizer...but it cost a whopping $11.99! If you buy it online (I've linked the product page above), this misturizer costs $6.99...BUT, the website I've linked doesn't ship internationally. Essentially, you could still get this product through that site, but only if you purchase it through MyUS.com, which is a package forwarding service that imposes its own shipping and handling costs on your packages. Soo basically where I'm going with this is that if you live in Canada, maybe it is better to wait till Shoppers has one of their sales, or just go to Rexall and see if it can be purchased cheaper there. OR you can always find another online retailer that ships to Canada or internationally. :)

Before I passed this product off to my mom, I used it a couple of times and found it to be pretty moisturizing.

5 | Flexible Foot Smoother (Every Beauty)
      (FULL SIZE: $4.99)
      (Link to product

You won't believe how happy I was to see this product in my box! I've been wanting something like this to make my feet smooth, but I've never gotten around to purchasing anything of the kind. So now I'm pretty ecstatic that I wont have to purchase it after all. 

There are two sides: the coarse side and the fine side:

Side: coarse
Side: fine

I've noticed that after using the sponge it takes a lot to get the foot scrub I use out of it. So, this product seems to be a bit high maintenance in sense that you really have to pay attention to how you clean it. I'm actually a bit surprised that you can put this in a dishwasher!


Overall, I loved this box and I really hope that Beauty Box 5 will continue in this kind of fashion. After taxes, I paid roughly around $13 for this box (monthly subscription) and I received roughly about $28 worth of items - can't go wrong with that!

Thank you for reading!

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