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- - Beauty Box 5 | January 2014 Review - -

Hello again!

This time around I have a review of the Beauty Box 5 for January. This month, BB5 partnered up with the people behind That Awkward Moment to celebrate the beginning of a new year and also to promote the upcoming film. This is only my third BB5 box so far (find previous reviews here and here), so I'm not sure if BB5 has ever had a partnership like this, but I think it was successful and this may very well be my favourite box so far. Please click further to read more...
Beauty Box 5 - Basic Info 
Frequency: monthly  
Subscription Plans: Pay monthly = $12; 3-months = $10/month; Annual = $8.25/month 
Products: 4-5 beauty products

It was really pleasant to see that unlike last month's box, which seemed to take forever to arrive at my door, my BB5 box arrived about a week before Saffron Rouge did this month. Imagine that!

First peek:

 Product card:
 Additional card:

I've never actually heard of this movie before getting this box, but I might check it out when it comes out January 31st.

1 ||  Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash (H2O Plus)
        (Sample size: ~$2 for 30 mL || Travel size: $5 for 60 mL || Full size: $18 for 370 mL)
        (Links to product: travel size | full size)

"This exhilarating body wash refreshes and renews skin with Water Lotus Extract, Bamboo Extract, and essential vitamins for all day softness. Hints of aquatic florals and crisp sea grass impart a clean, fresh scent."

This body wash has a gel-like consistency and it also has a really interesting scent, which I'm guessing is because of the lotus and bamboo extracts. I have used this sample a couple of times now and I think it's not too bad when it comes to moisturizing - you might just need to follow this body wash with a lotion afterwards.         

2 ||  Cuticle & Nail Oil in Passion Fruit (Nubar)
         (Sample size: $5 for 7 mL ||  Full size: $10 for 15 mL)
         (Link to product)

"Passion Fruit Oil Experience the sweet scent of mouth-watering passion fruit from the Caribbean. This elixir is also a way to get rid of nail fungus such as inflamed skins, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Ideal for those seeking spa-quality formulas for everyday use at home. Contains Jojoba Oil, Bran Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Ceramium Rubrum Extract, Morus Alba Root Extract, and Mulberry Root Extract."

This is definitely one of my favourite samples in this box. I adore the smell, which I'll admit is sometimes the only reason why I use this oil. Unlike the cuticle oil from Julep, which is the first ever cuticle I've been introduced to, this Nubar oil has a brush applicator (the full size version has a dropper applicator available). It's nice; it does its job of moisturizing your cuticles. Drying time is roughly the same as for the Julep cuticle oil, but everything depends on how much you put on. The Nubar oil seems to be designed mainly for home use, so its not as portable as its Julep counterpart. Although I'm sure if you wanted to, you could still take it with you wherever you go.

3 ||  Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves (Swissco)
         (FULL SIZE: $5)
         (Link to Product)

These gloves aren't too rough and I look forward to using them.

4 ||  Daily Moisturizer (Jergens)
         (Sample size: ~$1 for 29 mL  ||  Full size: ~$5-7 for 621 mL)
         (Link to product: here and here)

I'm familiar with this brand, but I've never tried this product before. Nonetheless, moisturizers are always welcome!

5 ||  Hemp Coconut Lip Balm in Coconut (Epic Blend)
         (FULL SIZE: $3.49)
         (Link to product)

This is a really intriguing lip balm! It gives your lips really good moisture while being made out of natural ingredients (including hemp). I got this lip balm in coconut (it seems that many people got this flavour) and it definitely has a very raw coconut smell that may not be for everyone. Personally, I don't mind the smell.

A little digression: years ago I went to Mexico where I remember using some sort of product - I think it was probably a spray - the smell of which came to be associated with my memories of Mexico. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what that smell was and, interestingly enough, once I smelled this lip balm I remembered what it was - coconut!

NOTE: Epic Blend is offering free shipping to Canadians for purchases $15 and over. I've been looking at other flavours and I'm really interested in trying out banana and chocolate rum (limited editions), mint, and wild berry (vegan). 

Bonus Product ||  Mirror Compact (That Awkward Moment)
(link to official movie site)

A little compact mirror that promoted the film. Even though I may not be putting this in my purse, I think it was neat of BB5 to include a bonus gift inside each box this month.


Overall, I was pretty happy with what I received in this box! The Nubar cuticle oil and the Epic Blend lip balm were by far my favourite products but I'm sure that I'll get use out of everything this month. Not including the mirror compact, the value of this box was roughly $16.49, which is only about $3 more than what I paid for it. This is definitely the lowest value box that I've received so far (see: November and December reviews), but I don't mind. My November box had the highest value out of the three months and I actually liked it the least - so the value of a box definitely doesn't indicate how much you will like what's inside of it. I enjoyed that the focus this month was more on skincare because I often feel like I'm limited with makeup products due to my *ahem* lack of skill when it come to eye shadows and fancy eye liners. I realize that it was all promotional, but I did like the collaboration with That Awkward Moment.  All in all, a lovely box!

What did you think of the products in Beauty Box 5 this month?

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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