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- - Ipsy | "Look of Love" | February 2014 Glam Bag Review - -

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. :)

Today I have for you a review of my ipsy bag for the month. In general, I'm loving how quickly I received most of my subscriptions this month (still waiting on Topbox) - a welcome change from January. For ipsy, the February bag was filled with all kinds goodies, and if you'd like to access the full review, please read on...
ipsy - Basic Info 
Frequency: monthly
Subscription Plans: Pay monthly = $10 (bill you on the 1st of every month) | Annual = $110 (~$9/month)
Shipping: U.S. - free | Canada - $4.95 (USD)
Products: 4-5 sample/full-sized beauty products (makeup, skincare, haircare, and nailcare) + all the products come in a "glam bag", the design for which changes every month 
Loyalty Program: receive ipsyPoints for joining, referrals, and bag/product feedback

If you would like to use my referral link to join ipsy, you can find it right here. Thank you kindly in advance!
Previous ipsy reviews: December 2013, January 2014

This month the theme was "Look of Love."
The February glam bag.
 * Prices are in US dollars. *

1 || Plump Pout Mini in Peony Petal (POP Beauty)
       (Sample size: ~$8 for 4 g | Full size: $18? )
       (Link to product)

I don't know about anyone else, but I found this lip gloss REALLY pigmented. In fact, the colour is pretty much opaque on my lips if I put on just one coat. 

In terms of smell, I didn't experience any kind of overpowering bad smell. After intensively sniffing the black cap, I did discover a very faint plastic smell. So I can imagine that if a lot of people are smelling an amplified plastic scent, then I can see that turning a lot of people off. But again, for my sample the smell is very, very faint, so it fortunately doesn't bother me. 

In terms of the lip gloss itself, it smells interesting. It's one of those scents that you can't figure out if you like or not. It's almost like a cross between something sour (like a kiwi?) and...vanilla? It's interesting...that's about as much as I can say.

Just a side note - I can find the price of the full-sized bottle; however, I can't seem to find how much volume it has.

2 || Nail Polish in Dot (Zoya)
        (FULL SIZE: $9)
        (Link to product)

I'm pretty happy that ipsy decided to include Zoya nail polish in their bags this month. This is actually my very first Zoya nail polish and although I wouldn't have minded the other colour - Odette - I am pretty excited that I got Dot, a pretty and soft shade of pink.

3 || Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay (First Aid Beauty)
        (Sample size: ~$5 for 28.3 g / 1.0 oz |  Full size: $24 for  134 g / 4.7 oz)
        (Link to product)

This product is is free from harmful chemicals and it is safe for sensitive skin. I haven't tried this cleanser out, but I am planning to use it with the Konjac sponge from last month's Saffron Rouge Inner Circle package. 

By the way, I really like the way this cleanser smells. I don't know offhand what the scent is, but it fits appropriately with the brand name, First Aid Beauty, because of it's 'clinical' smell (perhaps it's peppermint?). The scent isn't overpowering and it reminds me a bit of the Cold 911 tea from David's Tea.

4 || Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue (J.Cat Beauty)
        (FULL SIZE: $3.99)
        (Link to product)


I have never worn false eyelashes other than on Halloween, but I do have respect for those ladies that are able to wear them on a daily basis and not make them look fake. I'm not sure if I can pull that off myself, but I will try - at least for my date with Andrew tomorrow. 

These eyelashes are apparently made of 100% real human hair and it is claimed that they last up to 10 uses. So I'm thinking if I do try them out, at least I have several tries to get them right. :) 

My favourite aspect of these eyelashes is that the glue that they come with is black - so you can make these eyelashes look more natural by blending them in with your black eyeliner. Another nice thing is that these eyelashes don't have a wide band.

I know a lot of people are really tired of getting eyelashes in their ipsy bags. To be honest, if I would've had a choice, I wouldn't have opted for these because without any kind of experience and just based on my personal preference, these false eyelashes hold no practical value for me right now. Having said that, this is the first ipsy bag that has contained eyelashes, so I think it'll be nice to experiment with them this time. Getting eyelashes on a consistent basis though would probably start getting annoying.

5 || 9 Pan Eye Shadow Compact in The Eyes Have It (Jesse's Girl)
        (FULL SIZE: $3.99)
        (Link to product)


I was really pleased at the size of this palette and the variety of colours in it. Since I have green eyes, I was a bit surprised that out of the four available shades, I was sent this green one. Apparently green shadows do look nice with green eyes, so I'll just have to experiment with them. 

Overall, the eyeshadows are quite chalky. I don't see myself using the first four colours because they are quite shimmery and it did take a lot to make them visible for swatching.

On the other hand, the last 5 colours were quite pigmented and I think they are good neutrals, which will compliment green eyes quite nicely.

Indoors - artificial lighting.
Indoors - no flash - direct sunlight.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the contents of my ipsy bag this month. Even though I feel like I will get the most use out of the First Aid Beauty cleanser and the Zoya nail polish. I'm happy to say that I have been gradually stepping out of my comfort zone by experimenting more with makeup (esp. eyeshadows), so I am sure that I will find use for the other products in this bag.

I paid just over $16 (US) for this bag and it held roughly $29.98 worth of products. All in all, I'm pretty happy and I am anxiously looking forward to what ipsy will surprise us with in the March glam bag! 

Judging by how much I have been liking the last three ipsy bags, I may consider subscribing for a second bag - I'll just fill out the opposite of what I did in my first quiz to experiment with more products. This idea is still just an idea, but I will let you know what I decide.

Have you tried any of these products or brands before? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you kindly for reading! -A.~

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