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Hi friends!

Are you ready for this? Less than a month after they introduced their last mystery box, Julep is offering yet another set of mystery boxes! On the heels of the popularity of Felicia, the black speckled mint crème add-on polish from the April collection, Julep has released two speckled nail polishes you can choose from this month.

The Speckled For Spring Mystery Boxes are available until April 14th,2014 / while supplies last.

Keep in mind that you don't need to have a Julep subscription to be able to purchase mystery boxes.

Let's take a closer look after the jump...

Julep Subscription:
Frequency & Cost: $19.99/a month (price increases with add-ons) (referral link)
Products: at least two nail polishes and one beauty product 
Ships To: US and Canada
Shipping Cost: FREE standard shipping (5 - 10 days)
Promo Code: use code FREEBOX or FREECOLOR to get your first box free! (small shipping fee applies)

If you'd like to know more about Julep, you can get more information here.

Previous Mystery Boxes:

Speckled for Spring Mystery Box #1

Kimberly is a wisteria crème with black speckles.

Speckled for Spring Mystery Box #2

Emerson is a powder blue crème with black speckles.

Here are Kimberly & Emerson together:

Speckled for Spring Mystery Box #3
 (100% Mystery)

What's inside? Who knows! Do you think that since the first two "gift box pictures" correspond to the colours of the nail polishes, there may be a speckled polish inside the 100% mystery box as well? It's a good guess, but I think Julep would advertise a third speckled polish if there was one. :)

Mystery Add-Ons

In addition to the mystery boxes there are also two mystery add-ons that are available at checkout.


I was really tempted to get these mystery boxes when I could still use the promo codes for them. In all honesty, if I didn't have a problem at checkout with my card I would've went ahead and purchased the mystery box with Emerson for as little as $14.99. Unfortunately, the codes that worked previously don't work anymore. Point is - don't delay with the purchase of these boxes while codes are still valid!

Having said that, even at full price I'm still very much tempted to purchase one of these boxes because the nail polishes offered are beautiful and are unlike anything Julep has offered before. With Easter a mere two weeks away, Emerson and Kimberly would work really well for this time of year.

My only hesitation - as with Felicia when it was offered - is that these speckled polishes are most likely a nightmare to remove since the "speckles" are actually black glitter particles. Remember how I tried my first speckled nail polish last month? Yeah...a colossal nightmare to remove that was!

If you like the nail polishes, but don't want to commit to a mystery box, Julep may actually start selling the featured polishes separately. In the Secret Store that closed last week I saw that there were the three nail polishes (Venus, Aphrodite, and Lindy) that were available separately in the Cupid's Mystery Boxes in February. Maybe Julep will do the same for the speckled polishes? We'll have to wait and see.

It could be worth waiting until the contents of the boxes are revealed before purchasing a Speckled For Spring Mystery Box.

What do you think guys? Will you be investing in a mystery box this month?

Thank you for reading. -A.~

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