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- - Monthly Empties | March 2014 - -

Hey everyone!

Have you gotten to play any April Fool's jokes on anyone today? I got to toss out a joke or two early this morning and I've also heard about some pretty good ones so far.

Anyways, today I have the third instalment of my monthly empties series. I took a look around my house early on in March and I've realized that I had way too many products piling up. So I committed myself to using as many of them as I could. I think I did pretty well!

Check out my March empties after the jump...

* Please note that with the exception of the Julep hand cream, all of the prices are in CAD dollars.*

1 || Cleansing Tissues in Aloe (Forever 21) - $3.80 for 30 tissues 
As this is a recurring product in my monthly empties, I wont talk about it too much. These tissues are great because they remove makeup really well. As a bonus - they don't burn my eyes and make them blurry. Each wipe is quite moist. To keep them from drying out I keep the package inside a plastic container. I finished this pack in the first week of March and I have already purchased 3 more packs. Purchase? Yup!

2 || Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea (Forever 21) - $3.80 for 30 tissues
I bought this pack after I ran out of the Aloe wipes. It looks like Forever 21 revamped their packaging. I was just checking out the website and there are two more available 'flavours': Cucumber Lemon and Grapefruit. I'm going to try those if they are still available the next time I reorder these wipes. Purchase? Yup!

Right now, Forever 21 has a promotion on these tissues: 3 for $8 (30 tissue packs) and 3 for $12 (60 tissue packs).

3 || Konjac Sponge in White Pure (Konjac Sponge Company) - $13.25 at Saffron Rouge
I have to admit that I'm throwing this sponge out earlier than I'm supposed to. With proper care, its shelf life is supposed to be 3 months. However, after I had that bad allergic reaction at the end of February, I decided that I was going to stop using this sponge in the case that it got somehow "contaminated" and was the cause of my allergy. I honestly think that my allergy was due to the Nivea foil packets; however, it's better to be safe than sorry. I'll be purchasing this sponge again - I'm just not sure from where yet. Purchase? Yup!

4 || Eye Solace (Dr. Hauschka) - $36.00 for 10 ampules of 5 mL/0.17 fl.oz each
I received two of these samples in my December Inner Circle package. It's only now that I got around to trying out the second ampule. You would saturate a cotton pad with the solution and apply to the eyes. The solutions is supposed to bring relief to eyes and minimizes the appearance of dark under-eye circles. My favourite part about trying these out was getting to set aside about 10 min for myself to lie back and relax. Because of the steep price, I don't think I'll be purchasing the pack of 10. Purchase? No.

Technically, I didn't use this up in March. I bought this mascara a few years back and it's been lying around dried out for some time now. I wanted to feature it in this post anyways before throwing it out. A lot of people really like this mascara and it is actually not too bad. However, I've come to realize that I like the wands of the Elizabeth Mott and Living Nature mascaras so much better. Funny enough, for all the time that I have used it, I actually didn't realize that the Maybelline mascara bends - at least not as fully as I recently discovered it does. I thought I had broken the wand! Purchase? No. 

6 || Mini Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner (Sexy Hair) - $5 for 5 mL / 1.7 fl.oz
It was really interesting to try out a leave-in conditioner. Since I have short hair, I can't really evaluate how well this conditioner untangles hair. My favourite part - this conditioner smells fantastic! Purchase? No.

7 || Hand Cream (Glysomed) - $5.96 for a pack of 3 (50 mL/ 1.7 fl.oz each)
This may very well be one of the best hand creams out there. It is gentle and moisturizes hands really well. My mom really likes it - she keeps one in her car. The size is perfect to just toss into your purse and go about your day. It seems like I can find these all over my house, so I'm sure I will see it again sometime. Purchase? Possibly.

8 || Rock Star Hand Crème (Julep) - $20.00 (Non-Mavens) / $16.00 (Mavens) for 85 g/3 oz
This is the first of two travel size samples I have used of Julep's Rock Star hand cream. I actually finished the full size bottle in February. Overall, I really like this hand cream. I don't find that the scent is too overpowering and I think it moisturizes my hands really well. Right now I'm going to say no to repurchasing this hand cream, but only because I know that I could probably obtain this hand cream through either a promotion or a mystery box that Julep often has. Purchase? No.

9 || Daily Moisturizer (Jergens) - $3.97 for 621 mL
This is a moisturizer that I used only on my legs. Unfortunately, there was nothing about it that stood out for me. Purchase? No.

10 || French Lilac Bubble Bath (Tri Coastal Design) - 730 mL/24.6 fl.oz
Yes - I have finally finished this product! I think my mom got this in a gift set a long time ago. Makes a great bubble bath and smells wonderful! I think that even if I wanted to buy it again, I don't think I could find it anywhere. Purchase? No.

11 || Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover For All Nail Types (Sally Hansen) - Approx. ~$5 for 295.7 mL / 10 fl.oz
Honestly? I didn't notice any difference between this nail polish remover and the moisturizing one from January's empties. Purchase? Probably not.

12 || Signature Summer Vanillas Coconut Shower Gel (Bath & Body Works) - 10 fl.oz
I used to shop at Bath and Body Works so much when I was in high school; this isn't the case anymore. The "Summer Vanillas" line came out a few years ago and I purchased it during my coconut-obsession phase. The coconut shower gel smells amazing and it was fun to try it out. I've never really understood the purpose of shower gels, so I can't really vouch for how effective it is at doing what it's supposed to do. Purchase? No.

13 || All-Natural Handmade Bar Soap in Patience (Jane's Pick) - ~$9.00 for 5 oz
This sample was gone after about 5 showers and since I don't have the soap anymore, I decided to include the wrapper. :) I received this product in my March Beauty Box 5 and I'm actually pretty sad that it's gone. I received "Patience," which is black spruce, fir needle and rosewood. The scent reminds me of walking in the forest. It would be really interesting to try the other "flavours." Purchase? Probably.

14 || Flexible Foot Smoother (Every Beauty) - $5.50
I was pretty excited to receive this product in my December Beauty Box 5. Overall, I had a pretty good experience. What I didn't like about it though was that the sponge seemed to crack the first time you used it and it wasn't really as rough as I preferred it to be. All complaints aside, I think this was a pretty neat product to try. Purchase? No.


 If you would like to check out my finished products from previous months, you can find them here.

What products did you guys finish this month?

Thanks for reading! -A.~

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