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- - Julep | The Vivid Collection | Boho Glam | April 2014 Maven Review - -

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First thing I would like to draw your attention to - Julep has altered the rules for their subscription service. You can either look at my brief overview after the jump or check out Julep's blog post about the matter. The changes affect Mavens signing up for Julep after April 29, 2014.

Moving on - I'm soo behind in my reviews...forgive me! I'm slowly working through them though. Today I have for you a review of last month's Vivid Collection from Julep. Even though I had a birthday in April, I decided to keep things simple and (fairly) cheap, so I chose the Boho Glam profile with Kayla and Tatum as add-ons.

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Julep Subscription
- - Frequency: monthly
- - Subscription Plans: (applies for Mavens signing up after 4/29/14)
          My Maven: $40+ worth of polish & products for $24.99/month, or $19.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription.
          Maven Luxe: get $60+ worth of polish & products for $39.99/month, or $34.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. 
- - Customization: boxes are fully customizable for Mavens who sign up after 4/29/14
- - Add-ons: available at checkout and with monthly Maven boxes
- - Products: at least two nail polishes and one beauty product 
- - Promo Code: use code FREEBOX or FREECOLOR to get your first box free! (small shipping fee applies)
- - Shipping Cost: FREE (7 - 10 days)

If you'd like to know more about Julep, you can find more information here.

 *Thank you kindly if you decide to use my referral link when signing up.*

Previous Maven boxes:

I was so excited for this collection! The colours were really colourful (and vivid, haha) and this translated well for the wrapping/packaging:

First peek!

I love getting cards from Julep. I have a cover on my table below which I store both the quotes and the pictures of collections.

The featured beauty products this month were the two shades of blush and bronzer. I'll discuss these in detail below.

* Please note that all of the prices are in US dollars.*

1 || Boho Glam Colours: Phoebe & Sunny || $14.00 (Non-Maven) / $11.20 (Maven) each

Phoebe | Sunny

Phoebe is a "vibrant jungle metallic."
Sunny is an "overexposed yellow chrome."

Phoebe | Sunny

2 || Add-On Polishes: Kayla & Tatum || $14.00 (Non-Maven) / $11.20 (Maven) each

Kayla | Tatum
Kayla | Tatum

Kayla is an "electric iris sheer with violet sheen."
Tatum is a "neon chartreuse chrome."

Kayla | Tatum

A final look at all of the nail polishes in this box (you can enlarge all the photos by clicking on them):

3 || Glow Pore Minimizing Blush in Peach Bellini || $24.00 (Non-Maven) / $19.20 (Maven)

For the April collection Julep introduced a blush and bronzer, which seems like the natural step for them to take in their extensive line of beauty products.

There were two available (and customizable) shades for the blush: Peach Bellini and Petal Pink. I ended up choosing Peach Bellini because it was a lighter pink with what looked like coral undertones.

There were two shades for the bronzer as well: Light Golden Bronze & Medium Tan. I didn't care for the bronzer since it's not a product I use.

What is special about these products is that they contain diamond powder, which is claimed to minimize pores and imperfections. Fancy! A quick search on Google reveals that it isn't that unusual to find diamond power in cosmetics and that there are actual benefits to using it. On top of that, both the blush and bronzer contain a "Julep-exclusive blend of age-defying ingredients, Power Cell Complex™."

As many people have mentioned about the blush and bronzer - they create a mess! I got my box later than a lot of people, so I found out about this 'problem' ahead of time. Don't let the pressed powder look fool you - the blush particles spread out easily and it's not hard to get a lot of pigment on your brush. Having said that, it's not difficult to use this product - just be careful with it. 

There's also another benefit to keeping the pigment minimal - apparently the blush is shimmery in the sunlight.


A last note on the scent - this product actually has one. It's pleasant, but can get nauseating if you keep smelling it. Don't worry, you can't actually smell the blush unless you hold it up to your nose.

Bonus Gift || Candy!

Candy is always a sweet touch to the Maven box, haha. =)


I've noticed that I've never included values for my reviews of Maven boxes. Should I start including them? I think I might figure out a way to do that for the next Maven box review.

I can tell you that I paid $19.99 (US) for this box (which includes the blush and the two Boho Glam colours), plus $4.99 for each additional nail polish I added on (Kayla & Tatum). If I were to purchase these 5 products individually without being a Maven, this box would cost me $80.00, and $64.00 if I were making the purchase as a Maven. I hope that makes sense! As you can see - it's better to get these products through the subscription.

In terms of the products themselves, I'm really happy this month. I love the vivid colours for April; I'm just not sure how often I'll get to use them. The only bad thing I've heard about the nail polishes is that Sunny and Tatum tend to stain. I'll have to remember to use a bottom coat if I'm putting those colours on. In terms of the blush - I'm really happy with it.

If you'd like to sign up for Julep and wouldn't mind using my referral link, you can do so here. Thank you kindly in advance!

What did you get in your April box?

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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