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- - Photo A Day Challenge | April 2014 | Week 4/4 - -

Hey everyone!

I've got a confession to make - I didn't end up finishing the April photo challenge. For some reason I just lost steam at the end of the month and decided that I was skipping way too many days to catch up. What I am going to show you are the remaining photos I have from April.

The concept of the Fat Mum Slim photo challenge is simple: take a picture a day that corresponds with the guiding prompts (see below) and then share it with the #FMSphotoaday hashtag.

Just as a reminder, here are the prompts from April:

Source: Fat Mum Slim

If you'd like to see my other photos from April, you can check them out here:

Let's take a look at those after the jump...

April 21: CLOSE

On April 21st I was one day away from being finished with school for the year. So close!


Fun fact about me - I collect pencils! Not just any pencils though; pencils that have a colourful design on them. It's not something I passionately collect. Rather, it's one of those things where you keep putting colourful pencils aside and before you know it, you've got a collection. (There's a 'collection' prompt for the May photo challenge, so I'll take a picture of my collection for you!) The four pencils pictured above are probably the simplest in my collection in terms of design; they have simple solid-colour bodies. However, what is unique about them is their super neat erasers.

April 23: ENTRANCE

There are many entrances in the world. In fact, I saw some people post really beautiful doorways for this prompt. Although a door would've made sense, I went with a different interpretation. For me, books act as doorways/entrances to various worlds where you get to meet unique characters who stay with you for years to come.

Following the idea that there are many unconventional entrances, I think it's interesting to note that in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe there is a wardrobe that acts as an entrance to a different world. This is a classic novel - I strongly recommend it!


I initially thought that I would do something associated with clothes for this prompt because I hear the phrase "pop of colour" in association with retail and fashion the most. I thought of something better though. For about a week my little brother had an egg that was growing in a cup (and then a bowl) in the kitchen. Once the egg hatched, there was a strong pop of colour in the glass! Take a look at the hatching process:

What's neat about this crocodile is that it shrinks daily if you remove all the water. Have you ever had one of these as a child? I didn't, but as my brother has been growing up (he's 8 right now) I've gotten to play with a lot of things that I didn't get to as a kid.


This was a quick photo I snapped with my phone of the scuffed floor at one of my jobs. Not a pleasant sight, but hey - at least I'm at work! (I haven't had consistent shifts in a long time)


So yeah, I didn't really get to finish the April challenge, but I'm hoping that May will be a better month for me in terms of discipline. Here are the prompts:

Source: Fat Mum Slim

 I encourage you to participate in the May challenge with me! :)
Thanks for reading! -A.~

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