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- - Beauty Box 5 | "Defining Moments" | July 2014 Review - -

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Another day, another Beauty Box 5 review! I am almost caught up with everything. :) I don't believe that I saw any spoilers for the July box, so everything was a surprise for me. Let's take a look...


What is Beauty Box 5? 
BB5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling service that delivers 5 deluxe samples & full-sized products to you every month. 

Frequency: monthly  
Subscription Plans:
     Monthly = $12
     Quarterly = $10/month
     Annual = $8.25/month 
Ships to: lower 48 United States and Canada
Shipping Cost: Free for US residents | $4.00 for Canadians  (USPS / Canada Post) 
Shipping Date: 8th of every month

(A kind thank you to anyone who would like to use my referral link in signing up.) 

Previous BB5 reviews:

The theme for July's box was Defining Moments: 

This month we want to celebrate the events that made you the amazing woman you are today! Whether these moments were milestones like graduating college and earning your first big paycheck, or small victories like learning how to gracefully walk in heels or finding the mascara you can't live without, treasure your accomplishments and be ready for the next one! 

I actually really like this theme. I can't imagine how any of the products in any beauty box would fit with it, but I do appreciate the sentiment.

Also, I wonder whether BB5 takes their own photos for their cards? I wonder because since getting this box I have seen that same cheering girl photo for an advertisement for another company. Hmm!

First peek inside

*Please note that all of the prices are in U.S. dollars.*

1 | Bold Lacquer Mascara in Blackest Black (Revlon)
(FULL SIZE: $7.99 for 0.24 fl oz)
      (Link to product)

Meet our newest every day love! Thanks to its lacquered formula, this mascara not only delivers volume and definition, but actually lifts lashes - no curler necessary. Oh, and did we mention that it doesn't smudge or flake? A total steal.

I've come to really appreciate mascara samples because they seem to come just in time for when you run out of your favourite mascaras or they always seem to be at hand whenever you end up needing a new one.

I love the packaging design!

Having said that, I'm just not a fan of this Revlon mascara. I started using it occasionally two weeks ago and it just doesn't do it for me - if that's even possible to say about a regular black mascara. I love the design and the colours of the packaging. I don't have a picture of it for you because I took the photos for this post in July before I started using everything, but the wand is the one pictured on the packaging. It's a full wand that is designed for length and volume.'s fairly ordinary. There is usually a lot of product on the wand and I've read of people describing the formula as wet.

I will give it this - this mascara does seem to "lift" lashes a bit, but I wouldn't skip on the lash curler altogether. What this mascara also does (at least in my experience) is that it clumps and after several hours it does flake. Verdict? I'm not a fan, but I will use it up.

2 | Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment (HASK)
      (FULL SIZE: $2.39 for a 50 g/1.75 oz packet)
      (Link to product)

Plagued with dry, damaged hair? No more! Restore your mane to all its shining glory with this thick, nourishing cream that delivers results that last for two weeks! BB5 Tip: just apply to wet hair (you only need half of the packet), wait 10 minutes, and rinse!

The name of this product is definitely a mouthful! I think it's pretty interesting that despite being a foil packet (sort of), this is actually how this hair product is sold - either individually or in packs. So this is definitely full-size despite looking deluxe-sized.

I finished this hair treatment earlier on in the month and I will talk about it more in my Monthly Empties post. What I will say right now is this - it also has a citrusy scent and you're supposed to use half of the package (depending on your hair). I can't really say that it did anything spectacular for me (maybe because I didn't use it properly!), but it was worth trying.
3 | Candy Licious Lips in Cotton Candy (Body Drench)
(FULL SIZE: $3.99 for 2.55 mL/0.09 oz)
      (Link to product)

Give your lips a treat! Infused with beeswax, coconut oil, and vitamin E, these candy-flavoured lip balms taste like the real thing (without the guilt or sugar-rush) and are utterly irresistable to men and small children, so apply with caution!

If I had to pick a favourite product from this box, my choice would be this lip balm. It smells amazing (exactly like cotton candy) and it's just an overall great lip balm. Not to mention that the packaging is super cute. The only thing I don't like is the price. $3.99 for 0.09 oz seems like a lot for a small amount of product, so there are definitely a lot more affordable lip balms out there (such as Epic Blend lip balms, which are roughly $3.22 for 4.2 g/0.15 oz of product). But this balm just too cute, so I may see if I can get my hands on at least another flavour.

I have yet to use this for attracting men and small children, so I'm not sure how it works in that department (although my little brother has said that he loved the smell...success!), but I can confidently say that this lip balm does a pretty good job at being an awesome lip balm.
4 | Glowing Mama Walnut Face & Body Scrub (Anna Naturals)
(Sample size: $2.00? | Full size: $10.99 for 4 fl oz)
      (Link to product)

A favourite of all-natural beauty devotees and expecting mamas, this luxe vegan scrub is unfused with moisturizing botanicals for safe and gentle exfoliation without parabens, harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

I haven't used this sample yet, but scrubs are always welcome. :)

5 | Lip Liner in Tickle Me Pink (Starlooks)
(FULL SIZE: $12.00 for 2.4 g)
      (Link to product)

I mentioned a few times before that I really like getting lip liners in beauty boxes. I don't use them on a regular basis, but when I do, I am grateful to have them around.

The shade I received - Tickle Me Pink - is a warm and matte tone of pink. In person, the colour is more pink than it looks like in the swatches below:

The lip liner has a pretty creamy and bold formula that easy glides on. I'll have to keep trying this to see how it holds up after several hours.


 || Total Value: $28.37 (US) ||

All in all I really liked this box - even more so than the June box. I'll be using everything in this box for sure and I'm happy about discovering some new brands such as Hask.

Do you subscribe to Beauty Box 5? If you would like to subscribe using my referral link, you can do so here. Thank you kindly, in advance!

Thanks for reading! -A.~

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