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- - Photography Roundup | June + July - -

Happy Monday!

You know what I haven't put up in a while? A photography post! I haven't really participated in any photo challenges lately and my last post for one was in May, but I have been collecting a number of random photos for the past few months. You can check those out after the jump. Enjoy!


I've been doing a lot of birdwatching lately since my room is located in a very optimal spot at the back of our house. I could be wrong, but I believe this is a cardinal!

Have you ever seen a bird soaking up the sun? Now you have! When I first saw this little guy I was concerned and confused because I've never see a bird in such a strange position before. With his beak to the sky, does this robin not look like he's in a very relaxed, lounging position? I wouldn't have been surprised if he had started to sing. :)

I tried my best to shoot the photo from another angle, but I was spotted!

The sky was perfectly clear to take this photo, so I went for it. I'm surprised that you can actually see the plane as clearly as you can.

I decided to take an experimental shot of a flower we had using flash. This photo is nothing fancy, but I do like the contrast between the lit up flower and the fairly dark background.

There's something really neat about this photograph, which I took while the sunroof of Andrew's car was open as we were driving through downtown Toronto.

Here's another shot from the same trip. The composition is less interesting than in the photo just before, but the shades of blue and the reflection of the clouds in the building are pretty awesome.

While we're still talking about Toronto, let me show you a photo I took while my bus was driving off the highway. I love how the CN Tower alligned perfectly in-between the condos!

I couldn't decide what photo to include (above or below) so I'm going to show you both. If you take a step back from your computer screen, don't the yacht masts and the vegetation on the right look like wavelengths that eventually blur together? least a little bit?

Again, I really like the composition of the masts!

A close-up of a cake my family ate for my mom's birthday. It was delicious and looked beautiful! My favourite kind of cake. :)

There were lots of clouds in the sky the day I took this photo. How grand it looked doesn't really translate well into one photograph, but I hope you get a sense of it from this little section of the sky!

If I had ended up faithfully participating in it, I would've used this photo for the July Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge. July 1 was Canada Day and because we had the day off, my mom, my little brother and I decided to go strawberry picking, which is something that we do quite often in June every year. I don't know of anyone else who does this, but I love eating the white strawberries before they have time to ripen because of the sour taste that they have. Since the prompt for July 1 was "red + white" I though that the contrast between the two stages of strawberries worked well.

This is another photo from the same trip and it would've also worked well for the "red + white" prompt.

I included this photo because I just love it when we find oddly-shaped strawberries!

This photo was also taken on July 1 when Andrew, his dad, and I were trying to drive around to find a place to have dinner at that was actually open. This is a tough task since most restaurants are closed for the holiday.

As we were driving I noticed that the sky was grey (the photo makes the sky darker than it actually was) and there were slight sun rays (best way I can describe what I saw) coming from the sun and spreading out across the sky. You can see these lines/rays ever so slightly in the bottom half of the photo (I hope).

We had my mom's favourite flowers - carnations - in the kitchen again. This time there were white and lavender ones.

Sometimes you can get a neat image by proxy. Here's a reflection of our backyard in the glass of a door. I love how clear the reflection is.

I was heading home on the bus one day and I just had to take a photo graph of the sky. It was beautiful!


Thank you kindly for reading! -A.~

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