Thursday, August 07, 2014

- - Subscription Box News | Inner Circle & Beauty Box 5 - -

Hey everyone,

Some sad news for two subscription boxes - one is being stopped altogether by a company and the other one is implementing a shipping cost for Canadians. Read more after the jump...

- - Saffron Rouge - -

Yesterday I received this email from Saffron Rouge:

After inquiring as to whether or not Inner Circle subscribers would get their August box or whether the cancellation was being place into effect immediately, I received this email back today:

I'm not sure who Michele is (I'm guessing they just copied and pasted a response they sent to someone else about the same question?), but I definitely got my question answered.

So there you have it - after a full year of existance, the Inner Circle program has come to a close. July 2014 was the last month and we didn't even know it. This cancellation is unfortunate because Inner Circle was my favourite subscription and it was definitely the best in terms of sampling organic/natural products and in terms of its value. I'm not sure whether or not these "new offers and products" that Saffron Rouge promises will be any different from anything else they've been posting lately, but I guess we'll see with time.

If you want to check out what Inner Circle was about, you can take a look at the following box reviews:

- - Beauty Box 5 - -

Less dramatic than Inner Circle, but nonetheless significant - Beauty Box 5 announced last month that they would be implimenting a shipping cost of $3.00 on all Canadian subscription boxes beginning July 18.

Canadians will now be paying ~$16/mo (CAD) for Beauty Box 5. BB5 used to be the cheapest subscription I had, but now at $16 CAD/mo it's on par with the cost of Ipsy. If you have a quarterly or an annual plan, this will descrease the cost of a box per month (I think I'm going to switch to the annual plan soon). Increasing prices are never welcome news, but I guess with Inner Circle being cancelled I'll have a few dollars to invest elsewhere.

If you live in Canada and want to take a look at previous BB5 reviews to determine whether or not the price increase is worth it, you can check out the box reviews from the following months:

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