Tuesday, June 30, 2015

- - Teacup Tuesday | Week 4 - -

Hi friends!

Back in March I ordered the Spring Collection from DAVIDsTea and I have to admit that my decision to do so was based mainly on the overall design of the collection. After a long and confusing winter it was just so nice to see some spring imagery! Even though though this review comes a season behind, you can still find most (if not all) of the following teas in stores and online. 

Alrighty, let's take a look the Spring Tea Collection!

I love how the tea collections often come with something extra. For example, this one came with a little pack of 20 teabags. Love it!

Inside the Spring Collection was: a booklet with all of the tea descriptions, 5 teas, and 20 teabags.

1 || Berry Poppins | DAVIDsTEA || Herbal

Caffeine: none (aka less than 1 mg of caffeine per cup) 
How to prepare: 1.25 tsp | 96° C/205° F | 4-7 min
Ingredients: apple, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, orange peel, rosehips, rose petals | artificial blackberry and cream flavouring

Can you spot the rose petals in the photo on the right?

Even though I love its name, Berry Poppins was my least favourite tea from the Spring Collection. There's nothing wrong with it - the scent is strong and the flavour is light. However, I'm pretty particular with my herbal teas and I think that it's the cream flavouring in Berry Poppins that just ruins it for me. I just hate how prominent it is in the scent and the flavour. Oh well, I still have a couple of cups of this tea left in the packet, so I'll see if I can maybe pass it along to a friend who will appreciate it better.

2 || Elderflower Spritz | DAVIDsTEA || White

Caffeine: medium 
How to prepare: 1.25 tsp | 85° C/185° F | 3-4 min
Ingredients: white tea, sencha green tea, elderberries, elderflowers, peony petals | artificial elderflower flavouring

This was an unexpected favourite of mine. The name didn't really speak out to me, but the scent sure did! The scent was really pleasant and it reminded me of something familiar (something...from my childhood maybe?). It must be the elderberries and elderflowers. Despite the really nice fragrance, Elderflower Spritz isn't much in terms of taste. The flavour is very light and some might say that it tastes kind of bland. I think this tea is great if you are looking for something subtle and understated.

3 || Strawberry Fields | DAVIDsTEA || Black 
Caffeine: medium 
How to prepare: 1.25 tsp | 96° C/205° F | 4-7 min
Ingredients: black tea, strawberries, blackberry leaves | natural strawberry and cream flavouring

Strawberry Fields is quite easily in my top 3 all-time favourite teas - it just smells soo good! If you love strawberries, you'll definitely like this tea. Here's the best part - although it tastes fine on its own, it tastes 10 times better with milk! The flavour isn't very strong, but there's just enough of a strawberry aftertaste when you add milk that it honestly feels like you're drinking a strawberry milkshake! If you have a David's Tea in your area then I strongly recommend checking out this tea the next time you go in. :)

4 || Melon Drop | DAVIDsTEA || Herbal

Caffeine: none (aka less than 1 mg of caffeine per cup) 
How to prepare: 1.25 tsp | 96° C/205° F | 4-7 min 
Ingredients: apple, honeydew melon (melon, sugar), papaya (papaya, sugar), watermelon flakes, kiwi | artificial kiwi and melon flavouring

I had some trouble steeping this tea. The water I used was as hot as recommended (even hotter maybe), but I think because of the large fruit pieces the water took a lot longer to transfer the flavour. Talking about the scent - well, it's very melony so you really have to like watermelon scents and flavours to like this tea. It's not my favourite scent or flavour, but I ended up finishing the tea packet after about three cups. This is a tea that I can't find online anymore, but if you hunt around there is bound to be a store with some stock left.

5 || White Nectarine | DAVIDsTEA || White

Caffeine: low 
How to prepare: 1.25 tsp | 90° C/194° F | 4-5 min
Ingredients: apricot (apricot, sulfites), white tea, blackberry leaves, safflowers | natural nectarine flavouring
Please note: contains sulfites

Just like Elderflower Spritz, White Nectarine is a white tea, so you'll find that the flavour isn't very strong. However, White Nectarine has a really pleasant apricot/nectarine scent and aftertaste. It's kind of lovely all around! This is another tea that I can't find online anymore, but again - if you hunt around there is bound to be a store with some stock left.


That finishes off the David's Tea Spring Collection! You can still find most of these teas online (their respective product pages are linked) and in stores (while supplies last). Oh, and I'm not completely behind - I do have the David's Tea Summer Collection and I'm currently working on a review for that. Keep an eye out for it next Tuesday!

As always - thank you for reading!

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