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- - Odacité @ Petal & Post | Spa Collection Sample Review - -

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A few weeks ago Jamie MacLean, the President and Founder of Petal & Post, got in touch with me to see if I was interested in trying out a few samples from the new Odacité Spa Collection. I wasn't familiar with either Petal & Post or Odacité, so I decided to give them both a try and share what I think about the products with you guys.

To start off, let's get some questions out of the way...

What is Petal & Post?
Petal & Post is a new e-boutique that specializes in organic, natural, small-batch, and ethically crafted products. The company is based right here in Toronto and is pretty strict about the products that it sells. You have to look no further than the category headings on their website to see that they have a wide range of products available. From household necessities to beauty products, there is just no shortage of what you can find! If you would like to find out about the company in greater detail, you can click here and here

What is Odacité?
Odacité is a natural and organic skincare brand. The company was founded by CEO Valérie Grandury when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. Looking to detoxify her environment, she started blending her own skincare products as a way to reinvent personal care products with fresh, organic, and natural ingredients.

I admire what both of these companies stand for and having now tried samples and their full-sized items, I am glad to say that their products are excellent and effective as well. Let me slow down a bit here and tell you a little bit more about the Odacité samples I got to try...


1 || Intensive Hand and Heel Therapy || $45.00 (CAD) for 120 mL/4 fl. oz

Here's a tidbit about me - I am always on the hunt for the best hand cream. My hands feel pretty dry for most of the year. Not only that, but I find that I experience eczema-like symptoms on my hands occasionally. I haven't had luck with many hand creams I have tried and some of them, despite working at first, actually seem to aggravate my "skin condition" (whatever it is). Therefore, I am always looking for soothing hand creams that are gentle, healthy, and provide great moisture for my skin. 

What I really like is that aloe is listed as the first item on the ingredient list, which means that the Hand & Heel Therapy Cream has exactly the kind of soothing properties I am typically looking for. In terms of effectiveness, I also really like how light and hydrating the cream is.
I started using the Hand & Heel Therapy about two weeks ago - a period when my hands were especially dry. How dry? Cracked skin dry. After trying out the sample for the first time it was really great to see that my hands healed pretty quickly (in a couple of days). My skin also felt moisturized and not as dry in the days afterwards

I mainly put this hand cream on before I go to bed, but I do occasionally try to use it throughout the day as well. It's pretty great knowing that the ingredients are natural, safe, and that this cream actually gets the job done. 

In terms of scent, the Odacité Hand & Heel Therapy cream has a very strong peppermint/spearmint fragrance. However, once you actually smell it some more you start noticing the presence of a citrusy scent. This comes from the blend of oranges and lemons, but also from the geranium, which is known most commonly as the "Mosquito Plant" and is recognized by its citrusy fragrance.

The only negative thing that I can say about this cream has to do with the container of the sample, which I realize is not the main focus of this review. I will say this - I found this to be an incredibly frustrating sample container to get cream out of. Seriously - it was a mission to get anything out of it! Squeezing it did little unless you found your inner Hulk. Most of the time I had to turn the container upside down and tap it repeatedly on my hand to get some cream out. At the same time, I do think that the cream is lovely and totally worth the effort.

I also had a concern that there was no expiration date on the container, but I got in touch with Jamie and she let me know that the cream will perform the best 6 months after being out of the fridge. It is still good past that point up to 12 months, but there won't be as many nutrients in the cream anymore. How do you know that the product is turning? You will notice it in the scent first - the essential oil scent will fade. 

2 || Invigorating Jasmine-Mimosa Body Scrub || $55.00 (CAD) for 240 mL/8 fl. oz

I was also sent a couple of Jasmine-Mimosa Body Scrub samples. I think this product is good for anyone who is looking for a mild body scrub. The texture kind of reminds me of earth mixed with sand particles, but the scrub itself is not very harsh on the skin. You could actually make it even milder by adding water, which creates a bit of a lather as you massage it in.

It is recommended that you use this scrub on the rough areas of your skin (elbows, knees, and feet) and that you avoid using it on the face and neck. Personally, I find that this product doesn't really do much for my feet where the skin is pretty rough (maybe it would be better if I used the scrub with a foot buffer?), but the elbows and knees are pretty soft and smooth after using the scrub on those areas.


All in all, I enjoyed the two products I got to try. I actually liked the Hand & Heel Therapy cream so much that I invested in the full-size version! There were a few more products in that same order from Petal & Post, so if you would like to read about them and see more photographs, you can take a look at the full review here.

Have you ever tried Odacité or purchased any products from Petal & Post? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!

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