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Happy Sunday!

My previous post was about the samples that I received from Petal & Post, an e-boutique of natural, organic, and all-around healthy products. I enjoyed the samples, so I decided to delve a little further and see what other interesting products I could find on the Petal & Post website.

Petal & Post has such a wide range of products! They have baby products, skincare and beauty items, kitchen and laundry necessities, and much much more. You can basically purchase everything that you need for yourself and for your home all in one place.  Amazing, no?

The website format is elegant, easy to manoeuvre, and all of the information you may need (shipping, contact info...) is simple to find. Please excuse me while I continue to gush about this new-found love of mine a little bit more after the jump...

As I mentioned, while I love the setup of the website, I especially like the photographs that Petal & Post uses for their products. To give you a taste, this is the collection of photos for the items that I ended up purchasing:

Click photo to enlarge :)

The product photos are pretty lovely, no? Simple and understated.

Here's where things got lovelier - when my order arrived (shipping took only a few days since I live in Toronto), it came with a welcome note:

I think the note is a wonderful touch. :)

Let's check out the products to see if they measure up!

* Please note that all of the prices are in Canadian dollars.*

1 || Air & Linen Spray in Lavender | Haven || $9.50 for 355 mL/12 fl. oz

I initially purchased this spray for Andrew and while I think I might still give it to him eventually, it is being kept at my house for now. In short - this is a spray that makes your linen and the air in your house smell nice. The lavender scent is not the strongest, but it is pleasant and recognizable. For anyone who is not a fan of lavender, there is another scent available - Wildwood. The description says that there is a hint of lavender present in the Wildwood scent, but something tells me that the pine and cedar notes are more prominent.

One thing I really find interesting - and forgive me if it is very common to see this on sprays of any kind - was the lock/unlock feature. You press whichever button you need and it locks/unlocks the spray. Isn't that neat?

2 || Mint Tea Toothpicks | Preserve || $3.00 for approx. 35 toothpicks

When you first open up the cap a really strong mint scent hits you - it's quite pleasant and refreshing. As you keep sniffing the little tube, preferably with no one around to see you do this, you'll start picking up a spicy hint of something resembling Cinnamon. I don't know if this would be the scent of tea tree since I have never been exposed to the scent of tea tree oil, but it's definitely interesting.

I purchased these because a container of toothpicks seem like a practical thing to have in your bag. It's one of those things that can come in handy in a lot of situations, and I love that the container is small enough to keep with you on the go.

From what I understand, while tea tree oil is poisonous for the body if swallowed, the amount of tea tree oil in these toothpicks is minuscule enough to leave you unaffected. In any case, you're not eating these - at most you are cleaning your teeth and throwing them away (I...hope?).

3 || Eye Rehab Roller | Rebels Refinery || $15.00 for 15 mL/0.50 fl. oz

Now this was something that I bought for Andrew and let him keep right away although it was definitely tempting to just keep it for myself.

One thing that always gets me are hilarious non-standard descriptions on product boxes. This product gets brownie points right away just for that!

I honestly love the idea of a roll-on eye treatment. It seems like a quick and easy product to use for a guy who has no patience or interest in extensive skincare routines.

The literally cool applicator as well as the caffeine and blend of botanical ingredients are supposed to help depuff and moisturise the under eye area.

4 || Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant | Leaves of Trees || $15.00 for 37 mL

I have never heard of a cream deodorant before, so I was pretty interested when I came across this product. The way that this deodorant works is that it stops bacteria from breaking down sweat into acids that cause body odour. It achieves this by creating an anti-bacterial environment using "natural antiseptic agents" such as: neem oil, lavender, tangerine essential oils, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils.

The cream itself is fairly light and does a decent job of hydrating your underarms. I also noticed a bit of a cooling effect, so that's pretty awesome.

I do have to warn you though - you only really need the tiniest amount of this deodorant to get the job done. It doesn't absorb completely, so if you have too much on you'll definitely feel the creaminess under your arms. You might also find that the cream pills up a little bit if you use too much. However, if you use only a little bit then you should be fine.

The last couple of things I want to say about this deodorant is that it's definitely a drawback that you have to use your hands to spread the cream. Also, I'm so used to the synthetic floral scent of drugstore stick deodorants that I'm just not used to the botanical scent of this cream one. On the bright side, it feels nice knowing that what I am putting on is natural and I feel like this tube is going to last me forever! As an added bonus this product is easy to wash off and it doesn't leave any stains on your shirt.

5 || Intensive Hand and Heel Therapy | Odacité || $45.00 for 120 mL / 4 fl. oz

I decided to purchase the full-size container of this hand and heel cream after trying a sample of it a couple of weeks ago. I like pretty much everything about this cream, but above all, I like the effectiveness of this product. I use this mainly for my hands, but I think it would be just as great for my feet.

I guess the main drawback, if I had to pick one, is that the cream comes in a tub container rather than a tube, which means that you need to use your fingers. Its shape and size also makes it not the greatest for travel, but that doesn't stop me and I still manage to take it everywhere. I do try to use Q-tips and little spatulas as much as possible when scooping the cream out, but I guess if you're the only one using the cream then it doesn't matter too much if you use your fingers. In any case, this cream is totally worth the effort and if anything, you can always transfer the product into an empty travel pump bottle that is easier to carry with you.

Overall I have to say that my experience of ordering from Petal & Post was pleasant and easy. For any of you who relied on Saffron Rouge for your products, I think that you might find Petal & Post to be a wonderful alternative. Worldwide shipping is available, and shipping is free on any orders over $50 within Canada & US. There is a flat $10 shipping fee for any orders (within Canada & US) that fall under $50.

As a bonus, when you sign up for their email list you can get 10% off on your first order!

Have you ever ordered anything from Petal & Post? What did you get? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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