Thursday, August 20, 2015

- - Adore Me | Lashes & Lingerie Challenge - -

Happy Thursday!

Today will be a little bit different as I am teaming up with Adore Me, the NYC membership-based lingerie company, to show you two sets from their Summer and Fall Collections.

- - - Summer Collection - - -

When I think about summertime I think of: soft colours, lightweight fabrics, sunlight and flowers. That's why when I was looking through the Adore Me summer catalogue the set that stood out the most for me was Gretta Unlined.

Gretta is a racerback bralette and a lovely mix of white and pastel blue. It definitely took my breath away! If you like the style of Gretta but not neccessarily the colours above, you'll be happy to know that there are four other colour combinations available. Using Polyvore, this is the set that I created to go along with Gretta:

Link to the Polyvore set above here.

- - - Fall Collection - - -

When I think of Fall I think of: leaves changing colours, pumpkins, rain, windy weather. The colours typically associated with Fall tend to be burgundy or copper. Unexpectedly, I ended up really liking Candy Contour from the Adore Me Fall Collection because purple tones have an Autumn feel to them as well.

I think that Candy Contour is a great transitional piece to bring you into Autumn. It has the same floral motif as Gretta does, but it's a little bit more dramatic. I can see Candy paired with a hot.......cup of tea?........guy?.........outfit!

Here's one:

Link to the Polyvore set above here.

Definitely the kind of colour scheme to gear you up for Fall, no? :)


These two sets are my favourite so far from Adore Me. The Gretta Unlined set retails for $39.95 and the Candy Contour set goes for $49.95 right now. If you find that these styles are not for you, not to worry - Adore Me has a wide selection to suit everyone's styles and needs. :)

Do you have a favourite lingerie style? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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