Monday, August 17, 2015

- - THEFACESHOP | Lip Tint Stick Review - -

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Definitely a shorter post today! A couple of weeks ago I got my package from the RoseRoseShop which included three Lip Tint Sticks from THEFACESHOP.

Now this isn't a new product - the original Lip Tint Stick was part of the "Lovely Me:Ex" line a while back but it is now discontinued. If you were a fan of the lip tint fret not because the product is back and the only thing that is different about it is the packaging. I'm not sure if the repackaged version will ever make its way into Canada, but you can definitely find these tints at THEFACESHOP locations in the US.

How did I hear about these tints? A co-worker of mine raves about this product all the time, so I decided to place an order and see if it was worth all the excitement.

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There are three available shades: 01 Pure Pink, 02 Sweet Cherry, and 03 Lovely Peach. Each tint has an SPF of 13, and they are all very moisturizing and make the lips really soft and plump. It might actually be easier to think of these as tinted lip balms rather than as lip tints. 

What is special about the lip tint stick is that it's supposed to be colour changing - at least that's how my co-worker describes it to me.

After trying out all three shades, I like to think of the lip tints as colour enhancing. What I mean is this - if you do a one swipe swatch on your skin with a lip tint, you'll notice that the colour is very pale. However, if you give it a few seconds the colour starts to "come into being" in a sense - a.k.a. it becomes brighter and bolder. If you go over the swatch multiple times you'll see that the colour has become really bright.

Two swipes for each swatch above

I am sure that the chemistry of your lips also plays a role in how each colour looks on you since the swatches I've seen look a bit different on everybody.

Verdict: the Lip Tint Stick is very moisturizing, but it's something that you have to keep re-applying throughout the day since the hydration doesn't last forever. On the plus side, each shade may be light and pale, but it definitely stays on the lips after eating and drinking.

Have you ever tried the Lip Tint Stick from THEFACESHOP?

Thank you for reading!

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