Friday, November 27, 2015

- - My Favourite Black Friday Deals - -

Hi friends, long time no see! I know, I know - I've been away too long. School and work have been keeping me super busy and exhausted, but two more weeks to go and I'll be more engaging - I promise!

Today I thought I would create a quick post about some pretty awesome Black Friday deals.

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Deal #1: BaubleBar

I've been on the BaubleBar mailing list for at least a year, but I have never purchased anything until about a month ago (first ever purchase was the Medusa Pearl Collar!). BaubleBar has very quickly since become my go-to place for jewelry - not only because the jewelry is beautiful, but also because the pieces are well-made and unique. Since the website is US-based the prices are pretty high for Canadians. Luckily discounts such as 30% off help!

Deal #2: JustFab

JustFab is a subscription-based website where you have to log in each month and press "skip the month" to avoid being charged. Unfortunately to take advantage of this offer you have to become a VIP member (aka become an existing member who does the process I mentioned above). I've been a member for a few years now, so I ended up picking up a pair of heels and a pretty clutch!

Deal #3: Petal & Post

Petal & Post is one of my favourite online retailers, so I'm really happy that they are having a sale - and an awesome one at that! There is a HUGE amount of items that are discounted at 40% off, so if there is anything that you have ever wanted to try from them - now is the time to stock up! I just picked up the Eye Rehab Roller, the Intensive Hand & Heel Treatment (my favourite!), a Bath Foam, and a Wealth of Man bar soap!

Deal #4: Aveda

Aveda doesn't have promotions/sales too often, so it's pretty nice that they are having one this weekend. So far I have really liked everything that I have purchased from Aveda. A couple of products I would suggest checking out would be their new dry shampoo, their candles (which can double up as hand creams - whaaaat!), and their Invati line.

I keep throwing around the word "favourite" in this post, but I honestly love each and every one of these stores equally for a variety of reasons. Saje is a Canadian company (US and international shipping is available) that sells 100% natural products. A lot of their products are different remedies for a variety of ailments. For example - have a headache, an upset stomach, aching muscles, a cut, or are just feeling really tired? Then you will definitely find something at Saje to help you out with that (and much, much more). My favourite products include: the Pocket Pharmacy and the Restoral Skin Ointment.

Deal #6: Freyrs

I don't think I've ever talked about Freyrs on my blog, but this store is my usual go-to for unique, inexpensive, great-quality, awesome sunglasses. Some of my favourite sunglasses are these: one, two, three, four, and five.

I included this last deal because it's hilarious! The people behind Cards Against Humanity are at it again this year - selling nothing this time around for $5. Yup, you read that right.

Last year one could purchase poop on CAH's website for Black Friday. This year again all of the actual merchandise has been removed and replaced with a purchase form to buy...nothing. So far this much has been raised:

I'm guessing that all of these people realize that this is a joke and are actually tipping/donating this money. Kind of genius though, no?


Any deals that you're taking advantage of today?

Thank you for reading!

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