Tuesday, December 01, 2015

- - Lush | Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb Review - -

Happy December! Crazy how time flies, no? It seems like the beginning of 2015 was only a little while ago.

Today I wanted to post a quick review of the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb from Lush. Ever since Lush opened at the mall I work at I have been going there on a regular basis - that store is seriously addictive!

Shoot for the Stars is a mix of Brazilian orange and bergamot oil. It smells amazing! This may just be my favourite scent at Lush yet. You know what actually? This bath bomb smells pretty much like the Lush store itself - you'll know what I mean when you walk into a location.

Let me show you photos after the jump!

Stage 1: I dropped Shoot for the Stars into my bathtub and it started spinning! In fact, it was spinning so fast that I couldn't take a proper photo of it. This was my best attempt:

There was blue, yellow, white and pink colours coming from the bath bomb in all directions.

Stage 2: Shoot for the Stars gradually stopped spinning and all of a sudden started releasing A LOT of pink bubbles. It was at this point that I actually understood #BathArt:

Really cool, no?
A step back:

Stage 3: the pink bubbles gradually stopped - replaced then by a flow of blue and yellow - until the bath bomb ultimately broke in two:

I really liked this bath bomb - definitely enough to buy it again while it's still in stores.

The most popular negative review for Shoot for the Stars has given the bath bomb 3 stars because of the fact that it was dehydrating. I didn't find this to be the case at all. My skin felt fine when I got out of the bath, but I guess everyone's experience is different!


Have you tried this bath bomb before?

Thanks for reading!

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