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If you were thinking of running into THEFACESHOP really quickly this month just to find out what's new - don't worry, I've got you covered. :)

In today's post I'm going to give you a brief run-down of all the new products that are hitting TFS shelves this month. Expect lots of excitement and lots of photos!

Read on!

* Please note that prices are in Canadian Dollars.*

1 || White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream || $75.00
        Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream || $75.00

I guess it makes sense to start off with what TFS is promoting this month. If you walk into a TFS location you will see posters about the latest Korean skincare innovation - the capsule creams.

The capsule creams are full of little pearls (spherical capsules) that are submerged in a gel. You can use this product in two ways: 1) Daily moisturizer. Break down 3-4 pearls with the spatula that comes in the package, and massage them in. You can also mix 2-3 pearls with your regular moisturizer if you want brightening (White Ginseng) or anti-aging (Nokyong Collagen). 2) Boost your ritual. If you mix in 1-2 pearls with your foundation you can give your skin a glow (especially if you use the White Ginseng).

The White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream provides natural brightening and blemish/dark spot care because of the niacinamide and the pearl extract in it. This cream also provides nourishment for the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects. The consistency is liquid-y compared to the Nokyong Collagen. Be warned though - the White Ginseng cream has TONS of shimmer in it. I would suggest using 1 capsule with your foundation, but I wouldn't recommend using the pearls in the daytime on their own.

Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream is a concentrated anti-aging cream. With ingredients such as Nok Yong (velvet deer antlers), 24k gold, silk extract, and nutmeg, this cream improves skin elasticity as well as provides firming and anti-wrinkle care. The pearls have a tiny bit of shimmer, but it's barely noticeable. The consistency is fairly thick, so I would recommend using the pearls in the night-time on their own and in the day-time with a moisturizer.

2 || Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Products || $6.00 - $75.00

Another premium skincare line hitting TFS shelves this month is the Golden Escargot line. This is actually a revamp of the Sseal Escargot 24K Gold line, which seems to be in the process of being discontinued. The Golden Escargot line has anti-aging and brightening properties.

The active ingredient is escargot (aka snail) mucus, which has amazing skin-repair properties. This means that it is excellent for acne scarring and calming down eczema. Moreover, the snail mucus helps with wrinkles, moisture, firming, and plumping the skin. The Escargot line also has 24K gold, which helps to brighten the skin and increase blood circulation.

The Golden Escargot line includes:

3 || Snail Mucus MasCream Sheet || $5.00

If you want to try out something with escargot mucus for a bit cheaper the Snail MasCream mask is a great alternative. It is part of the MasCream line, which means that the consistency of the serum inside the mask is a bit richer (than say, the Real Nature masks). This makes it excellent for dry skin.

4 || The Gentle For Men Anti-Aging Toner || $25.00
        The Gentle For Men Anti-Aging Emulsion || $30.00

While the skincare at TFS is fairly gender-neutral, there is a section dedicated specifically to men's products. The reason for this is that men's skin is a bit different than women's. That and the products smell a little..."manlier", I guess you could say?

The toner and the emulsion (lotion) has the British Willow Bark and Black Currant extracts, which help to revitalize the skin. The toner hydrates the skin as well as counteract the effects of frequent shaving and external aggressors. The emulsion delivers intense moisturize to dry skin.

5 || The Fresh For Men Hydrating Cream || $35.00

The Fresh For Men Cream is a good moisturizer for normal to combination skin. It has a lightweight gel texture, and it contains English Breakfast Tea Extract as well as a variety of herbal extracts to hydrate skin.

6 || The Fresh For Men Perfect Foaming Cleanser || $15.00

This is a really interesting product! This is basically an oil that turns into a foam once you massage it on dry skin. Because of its oilier consistency this cleanser removes sunscreen, BB, and CC cream, because, hey, some guys like an even skin tone too!

The cleanser contains Rooibos Tea Extract, which is meant to moisturize the skin as well as clean it. However, when I tried this on my hand my skin felt pretty dry afterwards, so definitely follow up with a moisturizer.

7 || Raspberry / Grapefruit / Avocado Body Wash & Body Lotions || $15.00 each

After waiting for more than 6 months for TFS to bring back the avocado body lotion & body wash, it is finally here! From what I understand, these bottles are replacing the old round body lotions and the shower gels. The old scents (like Orchid, Verbena, Macadamia) will probably not be coming back, but at least there are exciting new ones! The raspberry, grapefruit, and avocado smell sooo good! If you're near a TFS, I encourage you to go in and smell them!

8 || Olive / Shea Butter / Almond / Jojoba Seed Hand Butters || $12.00

Eeek! New hand creams is what I'm most excited about this month. There are four in this series

  • Olive: Moisture Shine Hand Butter
  • Shea Butter: Ultra Moisturizing Hand Butter
  • Almond: Long-Lasting Moisture Hand Butter
  • Jojoba Seed: Anti-Aging Hand Butter

They all smell pleasant, but kind of similar. Some scents are stronger than others. Personally, I think I'll pick up the Jojoba seed hand butter. :)

9 || Ink Lipquid [moisture] || $25.00

The Ink Lipquids aren't new to TFS - they were released in October of last year. What is new, however, is the Ink Lipquid [moisture]. You can tell they are different because the tubes are shiny (as opposed to matte) and they contain an oil-blend serum that moisturizes and adds shine to your lips.

My next post will most likely be about these lippies. :)

10 || Other stuff going on around the store:
  • Tons of products are on sale for 30-50% off
  • Get a free Konjac sponge with $35 purchase
  • Get 50% off a toner of your choice when you purchase a cream/emulsion or serum
  • Purchase a travel pouch with your $35 purchase
What are you most excited about this month at THEFACESHOP

Thanks for reading! 

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