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- - Fruits & Passion | Passion Box Subscription - DARE | April 2016 Review - -

Just when I thought I was done with subscription boxes another one pops up that I just had to try!

Fruits & Passion has recently come out with two subscription boxes: Dare Your Passion and Live your Passion. Dare is meant to bring "new and innovative" products to your doorstep, while Live brings you tried and true customers favourites. Both boxes promise to have a $70+ value and shipping options are available for U.S. and Canada.

For both boxes you can choose to either: (1) try a one-time box for $45 (CAD), or (2) subscribe for $39/month with the ability to change or skip boxes as well as cancel at any time. I'm pretty familiar with F&P - especially with their Cucina line - so it made more sense to try out Dare. I figured I was interested enough to try it for a few months, so the $39/month option it was!

I'm excited to share all of the products with you, so let's jump right into it after the break...
 * Please note that all of the prices are in Canadian Dollars.*

1 & 2 || Coconut Monoi Shower Cream || $12.50
            || 24H Moisturizing Butter - Field Berries || $5.00

I laughed when I saw the Coconut Monoi shower cream (think of shower gel, but creamier) because I still have an almost full bottle of the same thing at home. I think I'll get through both tubes though. Both the shower cream and the moisturizing body butter smell really really nice!

3 & 4 || Hydro Gel Face Mask - Vitamin B (soothing) || $3.00
             || Brightening Pearl Face Mask || $3.00  

Since THEFACESHOP and Fruits & Passion are sister companies, I'm pretty sure that the F&P Vitamin B mask is pretty much the same thing as the TFS Vita B mask, which hasn't been in stores for a while. Both are hydro gel masks, which means that they have a cooling effect and the mask itself comes in two parts - a top and a bottom. Unlike the hydro gel mask, the Pearl Face Mask is a cotton sheet - and once again, I'm pretty confident that it has a TFS equivalent. I've already tried the Pearl mask, so I'll discuss it a bit more in my April Monthly Empties post.

5 & 6 || Aura House Diffusion System || $22.50
            || House Scented Wax Capsule - Tropical Rhythm || $6.50

Okay, this was a really cool product to get! I've purchased the Aura Car Diffusion System before, so it was awesome to get the House Diffusion System as well. F&P also provided the Wax Capsule, which to me shows that they are actually curating this box carefully and logically (at least for these two products) instead of throwing in a bunch of random stuff into their box.

I have the Tropical Rhythm refill for F&P's electric diffuser and for some reason the smell is much more pleasant than in this wax capsule. At least having the House Diffuser now I can purchase other scents I like.

7 || Head Massager || $4.50

I've been secretly wanting to try this for a while now, so I laughed when I saw this in my box! It feels weird and tingly, but really cool!

8 || Concentrated Dish Detergent Refill - Lime Zest || $15.00

Hurray - Cucina! I have a dish detergent in Lime Zest at Andrew's house, so I was excited to see a refill for it. It's like F&P knew I needed one!

Total Box Value = $72.00

This was a pretty exciting box to try! The value is definitely there and there's a great variety of cool products. I was really impressed with how each product was individually wrapped and I'm happy that most of the products were new to me.

Having said that, the Passion Boxes are definitely not the cheapest around and because I need to save money this month I will probably be skipping the May box. I was also under the impression that the DARE box contained "new and innovative products" - or at the very least "surprising and new products." I can see the Aura System and the Head Massager as innovative products, but new? Well...there's nothing in this box that is new to F&P for 2016.

To me it would have made more sense to include a new product from the last 3-4 months - if not the Pompelmo fragrance (brought back in April) then at the very least something from the Green Tea Cucina line. Oh well, I'll keep an eye out to see what's in the May box and hopefully there will be some actual *new* products then.

Thank you for reading! 💕

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