Wednesday, June 08, 2016

- - Colour Pop | (4) Ultra Matte Lips & (1) Ultra Satin Lips Review - -

A few months ago one of my co-workers came to work really excited! You see, the evening before she was at a restaurant, and there was a woman there who was wearing a red lipstick which didn't budge AT ALL throughout her meal. It turned out that the woman had on one of Colour Pop's Ultra Matte Lips (super pigmented, long-lasting lip gloss).

I had never heard of Colour Pop before and I was intrigued by a lip product that could truly last through a meal, so I decided to order a few lip glosses. The prices are very good ($6.00 USD), but there are sooo many shades that it's a bit overwhelming!

After going back and forth, the shades I ended up getting were: 4 Ultra Matte Lips (Lumière 2, Avenue, Dr. M, and Bumble) and 1 Ultra Satin Lip (London Fog). In this post I'm going to briefly show you each of them: