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- - Beauty Box 5 | March 2014 Review - -

Happy Wednesday!

After seeing numerous reviews about this month's Beauty Box 5 products, I finally received my own box a couple days ago! Many of the boxes that I had seen reviewed online had a lot of the same products, so I figured that there would probably not be any surprises for me. It turns out that there were surprises in this month's box - both good and bad surprises.

Read further to check out what happened...

What is Beauty Box 5? 
BB5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling service that delivers 5 deluxe samples & full-sized products to you every month.

Frequency: monthly  
Subscription Plans: Monthly = $12;
                                            Quarterly = $10/month;
                                            Annual = $8.25/month

Ships to: lower 48 United States and Canada
Shipping Cost: FREE (USPS / Canada Post)
Shipping Date: 8th of every month

Previous BB5 reviews:


BB5 boxes are fairly small, and this month the box was pretty heavy! The shipping note said that I was receiving Box #1.

I opened up the box and found out from the product card that this month's theme was "Spring Cleaning." Not bad; makes sense. After taking out the card I got the first peek at the products I received:

I saw the same facial pad that I had seen in all of the reviews I checked out. No surprise there. Then, I saw a full-sized product of something, which I'm guessing is what made up for the heaviness of the package; I hadn't seen this product in any of the reviews so I was excited that I was receiving something new. I also saw a nail polish, which made me pretty happy too! After doing a thorough look through all of my products I finally looked at the product card (I usually do this afterwards to keep some element of surprise):

...and that's when I realized something was wrong. Now bear with me - I've heard of this happening to other people before, but I've never had it happen to me. 

Hmm....notice anything off?

It's honestly not that big of a deal, but initially I was pretty disappointed to see that the product card didn't reflect what I had received in my box. I couldn't understand if it was the product card that was wrong or I had gotten the wrong products! It isn't even a matter of me being disappointed in what I had received so much as it was disappointment in knowing of the products that I could have received but didn't. My inner OCD-self was pretty annoyed that I had gotten an incorrect card. Sigh...anyways, there were only two products off.

In any case, it's all in the past now and I do appreciate the products that I did get. Let's check them out!

* All prices are in U.S. dollars *

1 | All Natural Soaps in Patience (Jane's Pick)
      (Sample size: $1? | Full size: $8.00 for 5 oz)
      (Link to product)

I've never heard of this brand, but I think that (at least for me) soap will always be welcome in subscription boxes - especially if they are natural soaps.

On the back of the package, there is a list of all the available scents. It almost looks like a checklist that someone didn't bother to check off for everyone. My soap had a scent that reminded me of walking through the forest, so I guessed that I received "Patience."
FUN FACT: To find out what scent you received, just check out the Beauty Box 5 or Jane's Pick website and match up the colour of your soap! (I find that BB5 is better to match the colours.)
I haven't tried this soap yet, but I like that it explicitly states that you can use it instead of shaving cream. I usually use soap anyways, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one works out.

2 | Moisturizing Hand Cream Exfoliating Foot Scrub in Peppermint & Sugar (Tree Hut)
        (FULL SIZE: $6.99 for 227 g/8 oz - pricing)
        (Link to product)

Sigh...fine, I'll admit it. I love this product! The biggest disappointment for me was when I found out that I could've received the moisturizing hand cream. I thought for sure that I would get more use out of it than this foot scrub. In all honestly, I've spent so much time focusing on my hands that I think it's about I show my feet some love.
The idea behind this product is that it not only is made up of mainly natural ingredients, but it also uses 100% real sugar. I hope you can see the rough consistency of this product due to the sugar:

What's so special about using sugar? Basically, sugar creates a rough texture that helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells on your body. If you're interested, Tree Hut has a short article that goes into detail about exfoliating with real sugar.

On top of everything, this product smells amazing! How good does it smell? So good that this scrub needs to have a label on the back saying: "Even though Tree Hut products smell good enough to eat, they are FOR EXTERNAL USE only."

The peppermint scent reminds me of the Nudist Colorbalm from W3ll People I received in last month's Inner Circle package. Yum (not literally)!

3| Makeup Base (Bellapierre Cosmetics)
      (FULL SIZE: $18.99 for 0.29 oz)
      (Link to product)
I'm not sure yet if I'm going to use this product. I'll confess - in general, I have a really difficult time with concealers/foundations/anything of the sort. Growing up, my mom never really used any cosmetics, so when I discovered the world of beauty products, I kind of had to wing it (which I think is why I can relate to the lovely lady behind Polished Portland). I've learned a lot so far, but I still have a lot more to learn about. It's a slow process and I sometimes still feel embarrassed about asking for help in beauty aisles because of the judgement I've received in the past.

I also don't think that this is the right shade for me...right? It looks too orangey, but maybe that's because I didn't rub it in well enough. In any case, this is a makeup base, right? It would be covered up. 

4 | Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse Just Nails Nail Polish in Date Night (Hard Candy)

       (FULL SIZE: $3.67 for 10.3 mL/0.35 fl oz - pricing)
       (Link to product)

How cute that this came with a ring! I might hold on to it until I can give it to someone younger who can appreciate it much better than I can. :)

I definitely would take nail polish over mousse any day, so I'm glad that things worked out the way they did. The polish is quite pretty! If you wear it on its own the colour may be a bit sheer, so I think it's probably best to use it with another polish.

5| Dual-Sided Facial Pad (Swissco)
      (ONE SIZE: $2)
      (Link to product - will add when I can access the website)

I am looking forward to trying this out! 


|| Total Value: $32.65 (US) ||

You know what? Despite the mishap with the product card, I quite like this box. It may just be one of my favourites. I was introduced to three new brands, and I'm totally excited to try out the Exfoliating Foot Scrub tomorrow, which is definitely my favourite product this month!

If you would like to sign up for Beauty Box 5 and wouldn't mind using my referral link, you can find it here. Thank you kindly in advance!

Have you tried any of these brands/products? Let me know in the comments below. :)

Have a lovely day! -A.~

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