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Hi friends!

I've been really busy these past couple of days, so I haven't been able to blog as much as I want to. This morning though, I received an email, which, after checking out, got me really excited about March and made me want to tell you guys about it. Now, one of my favourite things about March is the upcoming shipment of my Spring Luxe Box, which I have been patiently waiting two months for. To add to the excitement, the email I received from Luxe Box notified me of the Prada Luna Rossa upgrade that I could choose for my Spring Box. 

EDIT: You can find the review for this box right here. :)

Read further to check it out...

What is Luxe Box? 
Luxe Box is a seasonal subscription service that provides you with 7-8 trial size beauty and lifestyle products.
  • Frequency: every season/once every 3 month
  • Membership:
    • Quarterly -- $26, every 3 months
    • Semiannual -- $50, every 6 months
    • Annual -- $96, every 12 months
  • Contents: 7-8 trial sized samples
  • Shipping:
    • Cost -- FREE (shipping & handling are included in the prices. Taxes may depend on your location. I am in Toronto, and I did not have to pay anything extra.)
    • To -- Canada ONLY via Canada Post
    • International Shipping 
      • US subscriptions seem to have been available for a limited time some time ago; it may be brought back.
      • There IS a mailing list that you can join that will notify you when international shipping becomes available for your country. 
After filling out a beauty profile, Luxe Box strives to curate a box that is specifically for you. Instead of a product card in every box, you have a product dashboard when you sign into your account online.

A kind thank you to anyone who would like to use my referral link when signing up for Luxe Box.


About a month before each Luxe Box ships, you start being given options to upgrade your box to one of the several curated ones available. Upgrades are completely optional and they are usually $5-10 (extra). When you choose an upgrade, you're basically swapping out your regular box for one of the featured ones (of which you already the contents of).

I think upgrades are a good option for people who like to know ahead of time what they will receive because sometimes you can definitely be disappointed with the products you get. One of the things I've noticed though is that oftentimes the products in the upgrades will overlap with the ones you get in the regular box. In any case, I have yet to see an upgrade that has appealed to me - until today, of course!

In addition to upgrades, Luxe Box offers a "First-in-Line" program that allows you to opt in to received an extra product in your upcoming box (as long as you're subscribed to the regular box, I believe). In accordance with this program, today Luxe Box is offering the Prada Luna Rossa upgrade, which allows you to add a 9 mL sample of Prada's Luna Rossa Eau de Toilette to the customized 7-8 products of your regular Spring Box for free

The sample is 9 mL, which I would definitely call deluxe-sized. To give you some perspective - my (technically full-sized) Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle holds only 7.5 mL.

...and the cost is free my friends. FREE.

Luna Rossa is a fragrance for men that Prada released in 2012 and which draws inspiration from the world of "extreme sailing, prestige, marine nature and passion for innovation and victory". Appropriately, "Luna Rossa" or "Red Moon" is named after a sailboat and a sailing team that competes in the American Cup. You can find more information about the scent here.

Reading the reviews on the webpage I've linked, it seems that there are a lot of mixed reviews about the scent, which is predominantly lavender. I have my fingers crossed though that this will be a good fragrance for Andrew to try.

In general, while some people may not like getting perfume samples in their boxes, I absolutely love receiving them. I think that perfume/cologne is truly an investment. I have a modest collection of perfume at home and I find that I generally use these fragrances on a daily basis. Each fragrance is unique and I get enjoyment out of matching a perfume to an outfit, a place I go, and/or my mood on a given day.


I'm pretty excited to receive my box in a couple of weeks! At the same time, I'm holding my breath because the last two boxes exceeded my expectations, and I don't want my third box to be a let down. In any case, at least I know I'll be getting this Prada cologne, which is free and I'm happy that it doesn't change anything for my regular Luxe Box.

Note: as I finish this post (March 3, 2014 / 2:20pm Eastern Time), there are 604 Prada cologne samples remaining.

How do you feel about this upgrade and perfume/cologne in general? I'd love to talk to you about it in the comments below!

If you would like to sign up for Luxe Box and wouldn't mind using my referral link, you can do so here.

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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