Friday, April 18, 2014

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Hi friends!

I'm behind on so many reviews, but my last exam is this upcoming Tuesday, so I'm sure I'll be back on track soon enough. In the meantime, thank you so much for bearing with me!

A few weeks ago Julep was having their Shine All Year promotion, which featured a set that included: Kessie (the radiant orchid Pantone Colour of the Year), the Freedom Polymer Top Coat, and the Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. The set was free with a $30 purchase, so I quickly filled my cart with $30 worth of products - this amounted to only two nail polishes and a lip gloss - and used the promo code.

After waiting a couple of weeks, I finally received the package! I was SO excited! Sadly, Julep totally made a mistake and forgot to include the set that I had made this very purchase for...ugh. Luckily, Julep has since shipped out a new set for me (without Kessie since it's unavailable - I'm receiving Coretta instead) and I'm awaiting its arrival.

Anyways, the good news is that because of my purchase I can now show you guys "Adored", the latest addition to my Julep lip gloss collection, and how it compares to the other Julep lip gloss shades I own.

Check out the pictures after the jump...

Adored | artificial lighting

Adored | natural lighting

Adored is described as a sheer bubblegum pink.

I was actually thinking about getting this shade for my March Maven box, but decided to go with Enchanted instead.

Unlike the lip gloss shades that were released last November, the shades from March contain the Power Cell Complex™, which is defined as a "Julep-exclusive blend of age-defying ingredients" that "provides rapid hydration without leaving an oily residue on skin." If you're interested, you can check out the other Julep products that include the Power Cell Complex™ here.

As with all the Julep lip glosses, Adored has a vanilla scent. I don't find it too overpowering, but the scent might get nauseating if you keep smelling it. It doesn't affect me though when I wear any of the lip glosses.

Here's how Adored compares to Daring, Enchanted, Charming, and Timeless:

In general, I find that the lip glosses are a bit sticky. They are also all very sheer - the pigment shows up, but it does so slightly. Therefore, don't be afraid of the bold colours!

A closer look

I used 2-3 swipes for the swatches below. The colours are not as opaque as they may seem.

All the lip gloss colours | artificial lighting
All the lip gloss colours | natural lighting


I'm pretty happy to have added Adored to my collection. There are currently no other lip gloss that I've got my heart set on, but if I do come across a new shade I'll make sure to share the swatches with you!

Julep sells their lip glosses at $20 a piece/$16 for Mavens.

The price is pretty steep, so I would suggest purchasing these lip glosses in a set. You can also use one the promo codes below to help lower the price:

PERK10 - gives you $10 off your purchase
PERK30 - gives you 30% off your purchase

If you would like to become a Julep Maven and wouldn't mind using my referral link, you can do so here. Thank you kindly in advance!

Have you tried any of the Julep lip glosses?

Thanks for reading! -A.~

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