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- - Loot Crate | "Titan" | March 2014 Review - -

Hello, hello!

Today I am back with a box the review for which seemed to take me forever to get to this month - the March 2014 Loot Crate! I have to say that Andrew and I loved the items this time around quite a bit (especially me!).

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What is Loot Crate? 
Loot Crate is a subscription service that provides you with 6-8 geek/gamer goodies (shirts, stickers, gadgets) that are carefully curated around a unique theme every month.

Frequency: monthly
Ships To: US, Canada, UK, and Australia 
Monthly Cost:

     US = $13.37 + $6 S&H 
     Canada/UK/Australia = $29.95 (S&H included)
Shipping Date: 20th of every month
Products: 6-8 items
Discount Code: use APRILLOOT to receive $3 off any subscription

(New!) Loot Crate has recently introduced new subscription plans for Canada, UK, and Australia:

1 Month Plan: $29.95/month
3 Month Plan: $84 = $28/month (save $5.85)
6 Month Plan: $162 = $27/month (save $17.70)

Previous Loot Crates: 
The booklet

The first thing we saw when we took away the booklet was a t-shirt! Loot Crate promised ahead of time that the March box would include a t-shirt valued at $18 (US dollars, I'm guessing). As in previous boxes, the t-shirt design went really well with this month's "Titan" theme.

"Titan" celebrates Titanfall, a video game that came out in March 2014, and Attack on Titan, a popular Japanese manga and anime.

Let's take a look at the items in greater detail!

* Please note that all of the prices are in Canadian dollars. *

1 || Exclusive Titanfall T-Shirt (Respawn & EA) || $20

Andrew was pretty excited for this shirt and started wearing right away (as soon as I took the pictures, of course!). He has already gotten a few compliments on it!

Although there are tons of Titanfall shirt designs out there, this specific design is a Loot Crate exclusive. If you're interested in it, you'll be able to find people selling in on eBay at this point. A lot of them are listed for $20+.

2 || Attack on Titan Manga: Vol. 1 (Random House) || $10.36

"For the past century, what's left of mankind has hidden in a giant, three-walled city, trapped in fear of the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming humankind, but the sudden appearance of an enormous Titan is about to change everything."

FUN FACT: Manga is read right to left.

This was MY favourite item in this month's crate. While I read mainly comics/graphic novels nowadays, I used to be quite an avid reader of manga when I was in high school. I've slowly started to want to get back into manga and I think this is the perfect gateway back.

Not only only does Attack on Titan fall perfectly in line with this month's theme, but I think it's brilliant that Loot Crate decided to include Vol. 1 in everyone's box. In my opinion, that just goes to show how well thought out Loot Crate's boxes are.

I finished this volume pretty much on the first day that Andrew got the Loot Crate. Attack on Titan has a unique storyline that is quite terrifying - sort of like The Walking Dead terrifying, but with giants! There are currently 13 Japanese volumes in the series; however, the English equivalents for volumes 12 and 13 will be released on April 29th, and August 26th of this year. I think I may just have to start collecting this series!

This manga has been adapted into an anime series that you can find on both Netflix and for free online. A live action film is also in the works right now with a planned release date for the summer of 2015.

If anyone is interested, has some great deals on many of the Attack on Titan volumes. 

3 || Titanfall C101 Lanyard (Respawn & Loot Crate Labs) || $ ?

An awesome lanyard that I'm sure Andrew (or I :D) will find some use for.

4 || Attack on Titan Scouting Regiment Wristband (GE Animation) || $ ?

Because he plays basketball - and therefore is more active than me - Andrew would definitely get more out of this than I would. I'm just not sure if he would actually wear it.

5 || Attack on Titanfall Magnet (Loot Crate Labs) || $ ?

This is an awesome fridge addition to the "Legends Never Die" magnet from December's crate.

6 || Titanfall Premium Strategy eGuide (Prima Games) || $9.99

Andrew is thinking about eventually purchasing Titanfall, but I'm not sure if he would take advantage of this strategy guide. In any case, this guide is supposed to have a value of $9.99.

Monthly Collectible Badge || March 2014

One of my favourite items in each crate this year has been the collectible badge that corresponds to the theme of a given month. I didn't include a picture of it with the previous two badges, but I will next month!

Bonus || Candy!

I'm so glad that there were two candies in this month's crate - one for Andrew, one for me. Thanks, Loot Crate! :)


|| Total Value: at least $40.35 (CAD) ||

I only included the t-shirt, the manga, and the strategy guide into the value of this month's box because I don't know how to go about estimating the value of the other items. In any case, the value is still higher than the $29.95 that I paid for this box. There were a few discount offers in the March crate that I didn't include above as I didn't think they would be used. Plus, Loot Crate has already sent out emails with the same discounts.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this month's items! I think this may just be my favourite Loot Crate. As always, I'm looking forward to the April Loot Crate. Here's what has been revealed about the April box:

If you would like to sign up for Loot Crate and wouldn't mind using my referral code, you can do so here. Use the code APRILLOOT to get $3 off of your subscription.

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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