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- - Photo A Day Challenge | April 2014 | Week 2/4 - -

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Hi everyone!

This month I've decided to try out a monthly photo challenge hosted by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim. I only found out about this challenge after the first week of April, but after being assured by Rebecca of Hello Pretty Bird! (who is participating as well) that the photo challenge police were unlikely to come after me if I started now, I have made the decision to jump in and see what I could come up with for the remining days in April. :)

The concept of this challenge is simple: take a picture a day that corresponds with the guiding themes in the photo above and then share it with the #FMSphotoaday hashtag.

I'm going to show you my photos on a weekly basis, but I may also end up sharing them on a daily basis on the Magnificent Road facebook page. I'll probably do a final recap of all the photos at the end of the month.

Let us now take a look at what I came up with for April 8 - April 13!

April 8: HOBBY

My two hobbies right now are reading and blogging. :)

I have included both a novel and a graphic novel to represent the reading aspect. I recently finished Vol. 20 of The Walking Dead and am waiting anxiously waiting for Vol. 21 to come out. I don't watch the show, but I've heard good things about it.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon is a really good read. For anyone interested, National Theatre Live will be broadcasting encore performances in May of the staged production of this book. What makes that awesome is that you can watch this play in the comfort of your local movie theatre! Check this link for dates and times.

April 9: DARK

The only thing I could come up with for the word "dark" was the book, "The Bloody Chamber" by Angela Carter. With stories such as "The Bloody Chamber", "The Lady of the House of Love" and "Wolf-Alice", it's a dark twist on traditional fairytales/folktales.


For some reason, I find that my favourite part of the day is when I get to come home and take off my watch and rings. It's definitely not something I consciously think about throughout the day, but I've been noticing more and more that I find this activity somehow cathartic.

April 11: 3 OF A KIND

This was a really tough one! I racked my brain the whole day only to get the perfect idea for this theme as I was getting ready to brush my teeth in the evening. I recently finished a tube of toothpaste and since I live on the first floor and we have our supplies on the 3rd floor, I've been using the world's tiniest tube of toothpaste because I'm too lazy to go upstairs (even though I'm sure I go there all the time). Put the three tubes together (full, empty, and small) and they really are 3 of a kind!

April 12: ON MY LEFT

By this point you may or may not have realized that I spend a lot of time indoors. Especially now that I'm just waiting around for my exams next week, I don't really have any reason to go out except for when I need to go to work. I sit at my table practically every day (as I'm blogging...haha) and this bookshelf is to the left of me. See any titles you recognize?

April 13: MORE PLEASE!

I'm going to cheat for a second here and include a photo that I took a few months ago, but that I think works well with this theme. I don't think I could ever get tired of comic books/graphic novels, let alone the The Walking Dead ones. (p.s. notice how all of the volumes put together make a continuous line of zombies at the bottom?)


I think April is an experimental month. I'm mainly trying to take pictures of what I think fits the theme well without necessarily adhering to the specific days of the given themes. I'll do better next month - promise!

Are you participating in this month's challenge?

Thanks for reading! -A.~

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