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- - Photo A Day Challenge | April 2014 | Week 3/4 - -

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned last Monday, I have decided to join in the April 2014 photo-a-day challenge that is hosted by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim. Today, I have the second installment of photos to show you. You can check out my first set of photos from last week here.

The concept of this challenge is simple: take a picture a day that corresponds with the guiding prompts (see below) and then share it with the #FMSphotoaday hashtag.

As a reminder, here are the prompts for this month:

Source: Fat Mum Slim

Read further to check out the photos for April 14 - April 20!

April 14: DIRTY

That's right - I took this prompt literally. The photo above actually shows what happens to my neighbourhood (and many others, I'm sure of it) when nature decides to serve the GTA with incredibly strong winds on a day that corresponds with recycling/garbage day. For some front yards (like this one), the situation gets pretty awful. Luckily, the neighbourhood is cleaned in the next few days (I'm guessing the townhouse complex hires people for this).

There is another, hidden, reason for why this photo is dirty. The problem with strong gusty wind days is that the blue recycling bins are fairly light when they are emptied either onto lawns or into recycling trucks. In fact, the bins are so light that the winds carry them all over the place and what begins is something I would like to call the "recycling bin monopoly." A dirty game this is.

What happened the day I took the photo is I slept in and ended up missing the moment when the trucks picked up the recycling; therefore, I didn't get to put my family's bins inside the garage. When I came out, I saw 1 bin near our garage...but...but...we have two! Not to mention - our bins are marked with our house number. I ended up going around our neighbourhood in search of our bins. No luck. Afterwards, I went around to our neighbours to see if they might have mistakenly taken out bins. No luck either. One lady told me that her recycling bin had been stolen weeks before and her family had to live with only one. Days like this are basically a massive free for all for bins! With no luck at all, I went home to hold onto the only bin we now had left. 

Anyways, two hours later I saw two bins (stacked together) right across from my house that were newly placed there. I went outside to check if they were ours and guess what? - they were! It was at the house of this man who (I found out) speaks little English (this is the same man that like to peek out of his window whenever someone is passing by).

Moral of the story? Secure your recyclables, people, and put your bins inside right away!


For anyone who has been following me over at GiveIt100, you'll know that I'm currently reading "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood. This is a novel about a dystopian future where there is a war going on and people are categorized according to various jobs. The main protagonist is a Handmaid, a person who's job - in my understanding - is to get pregnant and give birth to children to continue the generation. I'm still in the process of learning more about the plot as I go along. Currently, I am on page 127 out of 368. I have seen and known about this novel for years, so I am happy to finally sit down and commit myself to it. :)

April 16: MY VICE

Hmm. This was kind of a tough one. The only thing I can think of that's hindering (this may be too strong a word) my life at the moment - other than my demotivation and stubbornness - is my laptop. It's one of those silent evils that brings you lots of joy and knowledge, but also makes you waste a ton of time.


I mentioned this before in my 23 Before 23 post, but did you know that there is a name for a fear that people have of being out of mobile phone contact? That's right. It's called "Nomophobia."

April 18: GOOD

What is good is that I am actually doing some work these days - even if it's a tiny bit at a time. Boy, am I going to be happy when exams and my last essay is over and done with.

April 19: MONEY

This is not a very original interpretation, but I figured the best thing for this theme is to show you my winnings from a recent game of Monopoly with my 8-year old brother. I'll make sure to not spend it all in one place. Oh wait...

April 20: EGG

I'll show you two photos for this one!

Every year for Easter my mom and my brother and I colour eggs/put colourful plastic decorations on them. The photo above shows my favourite egg out of the bunch because of the design and the dark/white contrast. The photo below shows all of the eggs we decorated this year (a few may have been eaten):

How are you spending your Easter? :)

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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