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- - Monthly Manicures | June 2014 - -

Hi everyone,

This month I didn't get to do as many manicures as I did last month, but that's mainly because I've been letting my nails breathe and recover. I've also been feeling lazy and uninspired, which greatly factors in as well. Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with the few simple manis I did this month, and I'm anxious to share them with you.

Let's take a look...

*  Most of the photos in this post were taken indoors with either flash/no flash. *
*Click on the photos to enlarge them.*

Mani #1
Black on Black (Sinful Colors)

My adoration for the Sinful Colors/OPI duo continued in June. Unlike in May (mani #7), this time around I desided to make the OPI polish the prominent one in my manicure. There is a little bit of streaking for FIMT/JSTL, but it's barely visible.

L - with flash | R - no flash  [both taken outside]

As I mentioned last time, the duochrome beauty of Frog in My Throat/Just Spotted the Lizard just doesn't translate well onto the nails as the polish tends to look more gold when out of the bottle. In any case, I accidentally found out where the duochrome nature of this polish really shows - in water! Here's what I mean:

L - out of the water | R - in the water (notice the duochrome effect on the far side)

I was washing my hands one day with this mani on and I noticed that I could see the green/blue colouring in the nail polish that I typically couldn't see when my hands were dry. Here's a better look at what I mean:

Notice how well the duochrome effect can be seen when the swatch is submerged in water? Neat, no? Now if only the nail polish had this same effect when my nails are dry...

Mani #2
Sunny Capri (Jacob)
Urban Preppy (Jacob)

For those of you who live in Canada, you might be familiar with a Canadian clothing retailer we have over here - Jacob. I literally just now found out that it's going out of business. That's actually really sad...
Anyways, where I'm going with this is that Jacob used to have a nail polish line a few years back that I fell in love with, and although I didn't paint my nails as often as I do now (which isn't that often anyways), I ended up purchasing the majority of the collection. I still have it all sitting in my drawer with its pretty packaging. For this mani I decided to put those polishes to good use and feeling inspired one day I pulled out one of my favourite colour combination - yellow and grey.
About two coats of each colour were used for this photo
I used two coats of Urban Preppy (grey) and about - from what I remember - three coats of Sunny Capri (yellow). Both polishes have fairly liquidy formulas, but they hold fairly well. It's not until I went to my café job and started working a lot with my hands that I noticed the nail polish was peeling at the edges - this was about 3 days after I had put it on.

The one thing I disliked the most about the nail polish was that Sunny Capri stained my ring fingers, where I used it as a base colour. But I think it's not unusual for yellow polishes to stain. Having said that, the yellow Sally Hansen polish that I used for one of my May manicures didn't stain.
Mani #3
Brigitte (Julep)
Blue Marks the Spot (Maybelline)
I'm most excited to show you guys this manicure this month! I purchased Blue Marks the Spot and Drops of Jade, two polishes from Maybelline's 2013 Polka Dot collection, back in December. These nail polishes are not only gorgeous, but they are also 3-Free (no Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene). Because of my aversion to the removal of glitter polishes, this is the very first time I'm trying out either one of these colours.

As you'll see from the many swatches on Google, Blue Marks the Spot has a sheer base and tons of black and white hexagonal glitter in three different sizes. The formula is that of an average nail polish that's packed with glitter.
I really don't like how sheer BMTS is on its own, so I used Brigitte from Julep as a base. After putting one coat of BMTS and realizing that the polish was still sheer and now light, I decided to go full out and put about 2 more fairly thick layers of BMTS on. What's really nice is that BMTS has a fast-drying formula, which means that although I put quite a lot of polish on when I went over each of my nails, my manicure was dry in minutes.
I didn't care to make the glitter spaced out. In fact, the more glitter layers there were, the darker the mani would be, which was the ultimate goal. At the very end, I finished off my mani with a generous coat of the D azzle Dry Quick Dry Top Coat, which left miniscule bubbles that I noticed only now in the photo below. These bubbles seem to be only on the thumb and they're not noticeable at all in person.
With no chips or peeling of any kind, this manicure is going strong for a second day now. I still feel pretty weary at the eventual removal of this glitter polish, but I think that it was worth it.
P.S.: For anyone who is like me and finds the struggle of removing glitter nail polish all too real, there's an excellent product currently at The Face Shop that you may want to check out. This product was recently reviewed by Amy of Michi-Mochi.
That finishes off the manis for June!

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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