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- - Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | April 2014 Review - -

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Today, as I'm slowly catching up with my reviews, I've decided to share with you my April Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I actually don't subscribe to Vegan Cuts anymore and I'll explain why at the end of this post. In the meantime, let's check out the Vegan Cuts goodies!

What is the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box?
"The easiest way to discover cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products or prices. Each month you'll receive a delivery of 4-7 new products to try, ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare." (Vegan Cuts)

Frequency: monthly
Monthly cost: $19.95
Ships to: worldwide
Shipping cost:
     US: free
     Canada & Mexico: $8
     Worldwide: $15
Shipping date: second/third weekend of every month
Products are: 100% vegan & cruelty-free

Previous VC Beauty Box reviews:

First peek!
I was liking this box already! Here is the product card that was included. I try to look at this card after taking a look at all of the products. This keeps things more of a surprise.

*Please note that all of the prices are in US dollars.*

1 || Lip Cream in Poco Loco (GlamNatural)
        (FULL SIZE: $20.00 for 7.1 mL/0.25 fl oz)
        (Links to product: VC | GlamNatural)

The GlamNatural lip cream was one of the two sneak peeks given out for April's box. It may not seem like it in my pictures, but this particular shade (Poco Loco) has a warm/dark coral tone. It's not really a shade that's for everyone, but I like it since I've never really owned any kind of lip product with a coral tone.

doe-foot applicator

I think there's no better way to describe this product than as a 'lip cream.' It's definitely not a lip gloss and it isn't a lipstick. The lip cream has a fairly thick consistency that I'm not really used to. I find that a little amount goes a long way.

L - artificial lighting | R - natural lighting
This product is pretty moisturizing and I give it bonus points for being Shea-butter based and not having any harmful ingredients (as with all of the Vegan Cuts products)!

2 || Green Tea Peel Off & Dead Sea Mud Masques (Montagne Jeunesse)
        (FULL SIZE: $1.70 each)
        (Links to product: Green Tea | Dead Sea Mud)

Although I don't really use them properly (I wash off the residue after a mask), I actually don't mind getting facial masks in beauty boxes. I'm not really a fan of peel-off masks since they often hurt to take off, but I didn't mind this particular one. Besides, it's actually advertized as "easy to peel-off." Unlike the clay mask I received in my first BB5 box from the same brand, this mask had barely any kind of scent at all - let alone a green tea one.

It was really cool to see Vegan Cuts include a product for both men and women in this box. Unfortunately, although I tried pointing out to my boyfriend how much the guy in the picture seems to enjoy the mud mask, he was having none of it. Andrew's just not a face mask kind of guy! Which sort of brings me to my next point - what do I do with this? Do I throw it away? Do I try to coerce my dad into humouring me and trying it out? Can I try it out myself? Is this a kind of product that I can donate? I'm open to suggestions!

3 || Nourish & Shine for Dry Hair and Dry Skin (Jane Carter Solution)
        (Sample size: $2.75 for 0.5 fl oz | Full size: $12.00 for 2 oz | $22.00 for 4 fl oz)
        (Link to product)

This product isn't too bad, but I still need to get a hang of it. It smells really nice though!

I'm really happy that if I don't know how to use it on my hair, I can use it on my skin instead.

4 || Vibrant Dry Body Oil (Orico London)
        (Sample size: $6.36 for 0.5 fl oz | Full size: $43.00 for 100 mL/3.38 fl oz)
        (Link to product)

This body oil is supposed to be great for rejuvinating your skin and moisturizing it. With ingredients such as Mandarin, Baobab, and Rosehip, it smells really good. There only seems to be 3/4 of the bottle in the sample that I got, which isn't that big of a deal I guess, but I'll have to be generous with how I use it. I recently got a dry body oil from Julep that I absolutely love, so I hope this one will work out in the same way.

5 || Dazzle Dry Top Coat (VB Cosmetics)
        (Sample size: $4.17 for 5 mL/0.17 fl oz | Full size: $12.50 for 15 mL/0.5 fl oz)
        (Link to product)

This is my favourite product from this box and definitely a product I'm going to consider investing it. I've been in need of a top coat for some time now and I finally got one from Julep about a month ago. The two are very similar, but in my opinion this one comes out on top. The Dazzle Dry Top Coat dries very quickly (as I'm guessing all of the products do from the Dazzle Dry line) and best of all - it dries rock hard. 

The only thing I didn't like about this top coat is that when I first used it, it had little bubbles that I couldn't get rid of, so my manicure dried with them. I didn't have any problem with it the second time around, but I'll have to try it out a few more times before coming up with a final verdict.

Bonus Items

6 || Red Seaweed Gentle Exfoliator (Gabriel Organics)
        (FULL SIZE: $28.50 for 120 mL/4 fl oz)
        (Link to product)

"An exceptional skin polisher containing natural bamboo powder enriched with sweet almond oil and Vitamin E to thoroughly cleanse the skin while gently soothing and refining surface texture.  Red seaweed and elderberry flower extract trigger collagen development and offer skin regenerating effects."

I was missing a full-sized product in my March beauty box (the LVX nail polish), so I contacted Vegan Cuts and they promised to add an additional item in my April box after I filled out a form. I guess this is the extra product! I like this exfoliator - it's gentle, it smells nice, but that's probably about as much as I can say about it right now.
7 || Pure Argan Oil from Morocco (Eden Allure)
        (Sample size: ?? | Full size: $18.00 for 1 oz // $30.00 for 2.2 oz)
        (Link to product)

This is a repeat product for me, but since it wasn't on the product card and I've seen a couple people get it, I'm going to go ahead and assume that this was some sort of bonus product. I haven't tried this a lot since the last time I got it, but I like that it can be used on either your hair or your skin.

|| Total Value: $36.68 (US) w/o bonus items | $65.18+ (US) w/ bonus items ||

Not a bad box, right? I really liked all of the items and they come up to a fairly decent price. In general, Vegan Cuts is an excellent subscription if you're into vegan and organic products, so I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested.
Although it was kind of tough for me to do so, I cancelled this subscription simply for the fact that it is pretty pricey. Canadians basically pay $31.00 for this box after shipping, taxes and the US-CAD conversion. I definitely want to come back to this subscription eventually, but right now it's simply out of my budget. I heard that the May box was excellent though, so I am fully confident in saying that Vegan Cuts is continuing their boxes in the same stellar fashion as they have been for months.

Do you subscribe to the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box? If not, you can do so here. Vegan Cuts also has a snack box that you can check out here.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading! -A.~

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