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- - Beauty Box 5 | "Summer Chic" | June 2014 Review - -

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Sigh...so many boxes, so little time. Today I have for you a review of the June Beauty Box 5. I got to see the spoiler for this box ahead of time, which was one of two shades of Nicka K nail polish (Lavender or Ripe Apple). I think I was secretly hoping for Lavender, but I wouldn't have minded either shade. Let's take a closer look...

What is Beauty Box 5? 
BB5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling service that delivers 5 deluxe samples & full-sized products to you every month.

Frequency: monthly  
Subscription Plans:
     Monthly = $12
     Quarterly = $10/month
     Annual = $8.25/month 
Ships to: lower 48 United States and Canada
Shipping Cost: Free for US residents | $4.00 for Canadians  (USPS / Canada Post) 
Shipping Date: 8th of every month

(A kind thank you to anyone who would like to use my referral link in signing up.)
Previous BB5 reviews:

BB5 is one of my favourite subscriptions because it's the one box that always seems to hold a a great variety of products each month. Box are sometimes hit or miss, but for the most part I've been finding that I use the majority of the samples I get.

The theme for the June box was "Summer Chic":

Whether you're pretending you be Audrey Hepburn while sipping ice coffee or channeling Marilyn Monroe at the beach, remember this mantra: less effort, more cool. This June we recommend focusing on iconic (and easy!) hot weather basics - just apply sun screen, throw on a little white dress, and add a few coats of mascara to beat the heat!

Product card

Here's the first look - hurray! I got Lavender!

*Please note that all of the prices are in U.S. dollars.*

1 | Nail Color in Lavender (Nicka K New York)
      (FULL SIZE: $4.99 for 0.5 fl oz)
      (Link to product)
I have one other nail polish from Nicka K and it's in the shade "Classic Taupe," which I received in an Ipsy bag a while back. I was pretty happy with the formula of that polish, so I figured I could expect the same from either shade that I would receive in BB5. I wasn't wrong! The formula is great and the colour is vibrant. I actually don't think I have anything in my collection in such a light shade of lavender.
I don't seem to have an individual swatch for you today, but I will show you a sneak peek of a manicure that I'll feature at the end of this week in my August Monthly Manicures post:
Nicka K in "Lavender" used as base on ring finger
2 | Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner (Organix)
      (Sample size: ~0.15 for 7.4 mL (x2)| Full size:
$7.99 for 385 mL/13 oz each)
      (Link to product)
I'm a big fan of coconut flavoured anything, so I was pretty enthusiastic to receive this sample even if it was a foil packet one. I can't say that the shampoo or the conditioner was exceptional in any way other than its fragrance, but it was nice to try. Also, contrary to what the brand name "Organix" may suggest, with ingredients such as PPG-2 Hydroxyethyl Coco/Isostearamide and Polyquaternium-10, I don't believe that these products are organic. Though it's not like this duo is advertized as organic anyways.
3 | Mascara in Black (Glam Natural)
      (Sample size: ~$6.00? | Full size: $28.00 for 0.25 oz)
      (Link to product)

This is a pretty interesting mascara. It is gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic. This is also a pretty small sample, which means that the wand is small as well:

I'll have to try it out and let you know what I think!

4 | Introductory Collection Calming Kit (Eslor)
        (Sample size:
$15.00 (4 x 5 mL) |
        Full size: Soothing Refiner and Cleanser | $28 for 60 mL
                         Replenishing Scrub | $28 for 50 mL
                         Comforting Mask | $38 for 50 mL
                         Soothing Cream | $65 for 50 mL)
        (Link to products

I didn't mind getting this collection in BB5. What I minded was getting it again in my Summer Luxe Box...

I have yet to use either set, so I may pass at least one of them along to my mom.

Can't really say anything about these samples until I try them, so keep a lookout for them in the coming empties posts.

5 | Body Wash in Wild Red Cherry (Vita Bath)
      (Sample size: $1.33 for 60 mL/2 fl oz | Full size: $7.95 for 360 mL/12 fl oz)
      (Link to product)
Surprisingly, even though I'm usually not a fan of cherry-scented products, I really liked the fragrance of this body wash. Again, I didn't notice anything exceptional about this product other than it's scent, but it is nice to be using something that is sulfate and paraben free. I'll discuss this sample a bit more in my empties post this month!

|| Total Value: $27.62 (US) ||
Alright, so I think June was a fairly solid box. Sure, it wasn't the highest in value, but I have been/will be using all of the products I got, which is probably the best thing you can ask for in a box. I've got a few more BB5 reviews to catch up, so thank you for bearing with me!

If you would like to sign up for Beauty Box 5 and you wouldn't mind using my referral link, you can do so here.

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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