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If you live in Ontario and are a lover of the Cucina line from Fruits & Passion, I hope you heard the news of the line being carried at certain THEFACESHOP locations!

In May 2014 most Fruits & Passion locations across the GTA converted into its sister company: THEFACESHOP. This wasn't necessarily a bad change, but it created a huge demand for Cucina products.

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Why is Cucina so popular?
"Cucina", which means "kitchen" in Italian, is a line of products created specifically for the kitchen. Mostly known for their hand soaps, the Cucina line carries dish detergents, hand creams, room sprays, candles, as well as electric and decorative diffuser fragrances.

The Cucina hand soaps, detergents, and hand creams are formulated with cold-pressed olive oil, which is what makes them so special. The olive oil leaves your hands feeling moisturized after you wash them. This is pretty huge in a market that is dominated by liquid & foam hand soaps that leave your hands feeling really dry.

The Cucina line has six staple fragrances:

  1. Coriander & Olive Tree: A delicate blend of coriander seeds and olive wood, this sophisticated fragrance is both aromatic and slightly woody with light sweet and spicy notes.
  2. Lime Zest and Cypress: Tangy lime zest and woody cypress notes make for a dazzlingly fresh, sunny fragrance.
  3. Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel: Its sunny, sophisticated fragrance fuses the delectable scent of Sanguinelli orange with fresh, green notes of fennel over a musk base for a perfume that's soft and luminous.
  4. Rosemary and Cardamom: Aromatic fragrance that unites the vibrant character of rosemary with delicately spiced notes of cardamom.
  5. Sea Salt and Amalfi Lemon: An elegant fragrance that evokes the sun-kissed Mediterranean.
  6. Oregano and Green Citrus: This sparkling fragrance marries refreshing notes of green citrus with an aromatic touch of oregano.
There are also seasonal fragrances that are released for limited amounts of time.

These flavours weren't created just to have more variety. Each aroma is meant to neutralize the fragrance of whatever you are cooking with off your hands. For example, cooking with meat? No problem - try the Olive and Coriander hand soap! Cooking with fish? Try the Sea Salt and Amalfi Lemon to wash off those fishy scents.

Moreover, as long as you like the fragrances, you don't even have to keep the Cucina hand soaps in your kitchen. For example, I keep the Pinot Grigio hand soap in my bathroom. :)

The introduction of Cucina at THEFACESHOP is really great because these products are way more accessible now than they were before.

The TFS locations that I know of that have introduced Cucina are the following:
  • Vaughan Mills (first ones to merge TFS and F&P) [905-761-0674]
  • Sherway Gardens (second ones to introduce Cucina) [416-622-1927]
  • Square One [905-896-4523]
  • Niagara [905-357-0756]
You can also find Cucina online and at Dixie Outlet Mall (the only Fruits & Passion location in the GTA). If you're around any of the malls mentioned above, make sure you take the opportunity to step in and check out the Cucina line!


Have you tried Cucina? What is your favourite fragrance?

Thank you for reading!

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