Sunday, February 28, 2016

- - THEFACESHOP | Melting Color Lip Creamer Swatches - -

Happy Sunday! :)

Today I wanted to show you guys one of the newest products from THEFACESHOP - the melting color lip creamers!

These lippies are basically a moisturizing lip tint. They are kind of like the Lip Tint Sticks, but they differ in that the colours are way bolder and brighter. Moreover, the longevity of the lip creamers is waaay better than the lip tint sticks.

In this post I'm going to show you the swatches for all 8 shades of the lip creamers.

Read on!

I think the most eye catching aspect of the lip creamers is their cute packaging. What you see in the first photo above is a whole bunch of crayon-looking cases. When you twist the case and open it, that is when you get to the actual product. not know this initially.

Let's get to the swatches!

Here is another angle:

These swatches can give you a better idea of what the colours are, but just like a lot of lip products, they aren't a true indication of what these will look like on your lips. I think especially with the lip creamers - since they are glossy and not fully opaque - these shades will look different on everyone.

For example, I have the 05 Gel Coral and it looks very pink on my lips. You wouldn't think that from what you see above. I also have the 04 Rose Quartz and, again, it looks more pink-red than red-red on my lips. Oh the mystery of what it will look like on your lips!

The lip creamers aren't particularly great at surviving through food and drink, but the remnants of the swatches are still on my arm a day later:

THEFACESHOP lip creamers are sold for $15 CAD in stores, but you can get them for a limited time for $7 with your $40 purchase.

What shade would you rock?

Thanks for reading!

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