Wednesday, June 08, 2016

- - Colour Pop | (4) Ultra Matte Lips & (1) Ultra Satin Lips Review - -

A few months ago one of my co-workers came to work really excited! You see, the evening before she was at a restaurant, and there was a woman there who was wearing a red lipstick which didn't budge AT ALL throughout her meal. It turned out that the woman had on one of Colour Pop's Ultra Matte Lips (super pigmented, long-lasting lip gloss).

I had never heard of Colour Pop before and I was intrigued by a lip product that could truly last through a meal, so I decided to order a few lip glosses. The prices are very good ($6.00 USD), but there are sooo many shades that it's a bit overwhelming!

After going back and forth, the shades I ended up getting were: 4 Ultra Matte Lips (Lumière 2, Avenue, Dr. M, and Bumble) and 1 Ultra Satin Lip (London Fog). In this post I'm going to briefly show you each of them:

For me this is the trickiest colour to wear. Because the shade is so pale, it washes me out pretty badly.
This is a very deep red - my favourite shade ever!
I ordered this one for fun to see if I could pull it off. The shade is mesmorizing, but definitely not an everyday kind of colour. I have a feeling I'll use this one only for Halloween.

I love this shade so much! Sadly, my picture doesn't do this colour justice. Colour Pop describes this colour as a "dusty warm terracotta." I think that's pretty appropriate. I can see this shade working on pretty much anyone. 😊
I keep forgetting how much I love London Fog until I have it on. Not sure why my camera kept turning the colour so bright - in person London Fog is a lot more red than pink/orange. The finish is satin-like, so not entirely matte and not entirely glossy. I think I prefer this type of finish because my lips don't look as dry.

Here are the swatches side-by-side and in different lighting:

Indoors - artificial lighting. One swipe for each swatch.


These lippies are VERY pigmented. I can't entirely say that these are long-lasting because I do find that I have to touch them up after a few hours - although this could be because I wear them with a lip balm underneath most of the time. Colour Pop does recommend to put these on dry lips, but I find that sometimes my lips will look too dry - especially if I put something on with a matte finish. All things considred, I'm pretty happy with these and I'm excited to try out more! 😃

Have you tried anything from Colour Pop?

Thank you for reading! 💕

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