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- - Monthly Empties | May 2016 - -

These days it seems like the best platform to follow me on is Instagram, so for those of you who follow me on there, you may have already seen my May empties. Forgive me while I do a bit of catching up on here!

* All of the prices are in Canadian Dollars. *

These are the products that I finished way back in May:

- - Skincare - -

1 || Smim Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment | $52.00 | THE FACE SHOP ||
Love this! Think of this product as a concentrated serum with a watery consistency that's meant to be applied before your toner. The formula is meant to treat fine lines and wrinkles. I love how quickly it absorbs and how lovely it smells. I can't attest to how well it works as an anti-aging product because the sample was too small to use for a long enough period of time. I used this more for hydration than anything and my skin felt pretty moisturized. 

2 || Blackhead Out Charcoal Nose Strip x 3 | $1.00/ea | THE FACE SHOP ||
Luckily I don't have too many blackheads, so I use these from time to time simply to try them out. These aren't too bad. I've been told by people who have used similar Biore strips that the TFS ones are much better. The Face Shop has changed the packaging for these (the Charcoal strips are replaced now by the Volcanic Ash strips) but the strip inside is the same and works just as well as the old one.

3 || Konjac Jelly Cleansing Puff | $5.00 | THE FACE SHOP ||  

4 || The Smim Fermentation Concentrate Toner | THE FACE SHOP ||
Not too bad. Smells just as good as the Concentrated Treatment and it very moisturizing! I forgot to mention this above, but this line has been repackaged and slightly reformulated. Still just as good though - at least in my opinion.

5 || Mild Cotton Pads | $2.00 for 80 pads | THE FACE SHOP ||

6 || Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch | $5.00 | THE FACE SHOP ||

7 || Clean Face Anti-Imperfections Patches | $2.00 for 12 patches || THE FACE SHOP ||
While these are primarily meant for blemishes and acne, I've started using these mostly for cuts and cracks on my hands, which result from dry skin. These patches actually work wonders for small open wounds! If you're been looking for these in the Toronto area, the Eaton Centre supposedly always has them. You can also get them from Fruits & Passion (TFS' sister company), but the packaging is a little different.

8 || Shea Butter Gentle Toner | $28.00 for 200 mL | L'Occitane ||
This didn't work out as well for me as I had hoped. My skin started getting red patches that wouldn't go away, so I stopped using this toner on my face and started using it on my legs. I seem to use everything that doesn't work on my face, on my legs to not waste it!

- - Hair Care - -

1 || Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème | ~$89 for 5 fl.oz | Oribe ||
I'm giving this a low rating primarily because I didn't like the scent, which was kind of...fishy. If you hate how something smells then you're going to hate using it. That's pretty much what happened here.

2 || Split End Seal | ~$60 for 1.7 oz | Oribe ||
This is my favourite hair treatment from Oribe! I keep promising myself that I'll eventually buy a full-sized bottle. I love everything - the smell, the texture, the effect.

3 || Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream | ~$64 for 5 fl.oz | Oribe ||
This treatment smelled better than the Imperial Blowout, but it was just okay. VERY moisturizing, so a little goes a long way. If I put too much my hair would feel heavy.

4 || Macadamia Oil Hydrating Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment | $2.46 for 50 g | HASK ||
If you're ever looking for a good and inexpensive hair mask then Hask is always a good place to start. I've tried other hair masks from this brand before and this one is definitely my favourite. My hair felt decently hydrated after each shower. The best part was the smell, which reminded me of Play-Doh...but in a good way, you know?

5 || Crysence Power Treatment and Marin Shampoo | Palan ||
I got a small set of these from a Memebox a while back. Despite a few negative reviews on the web about these products, I actually enjoyed using them. I think the scent was the best part; other than that this seemed like a regular shampoo & conditioner (treatment). I've also heard that the full-sized versions of these products are incredibly expensive (something like $186 for both?). My verdict - try a sample if you get the chance; otherwise invest in something cheaper.

6 || Volume & Defence Water Spray | $15.00 for 200 mL | THE FACE SHOP ||
I think the one thing I hated about this was the scent, which was sort of floral and very nauseating. BUT - I was able to finish the bottle! It's always difficult to measure how well sprays like this work to protect hair from heat, but I definitely didn't notice any difference except for maybe more hydration (but even that is a big maybe). TFS is selling this at 50% off right now if you'd like to try it out.

7 || UltraShine Moisture Conditioner | ~$33.00 for 250 mL | EVOLVh ||
I've talked about this conditioner in this series before. This is pretty much my most favourite product ever! I love everything about it - the scent, the hydration, and the lightness that my hair has afterwards. 

8 || Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner | ~$3.96 - $6.00 | Pantene ||
This pair was just okay. Decent shampoo and conditioner.

 - - Hand Care - -
1 || Magic Food Banana Hand Milk | ~$5.40 for 84 g | TONYMOLY ||
2 || Shea Mini Hand Cream | $12.00 for 30 mL | L'Occitaine ||
3 || Green Tea Cucina Hand Soap | $10.50 for 200 mL | Fruits & Passion ||
4 || Zesty Lime Hand Cream | $12.00 for 30 mL | L'Occitane ||
5 || Almond Delicious Hands | $12.00 for 30 mL | L'Occitane ||
One of my favourite scents from L'Occitane! The consistency is kind of watery, so don't expect a thick cream. Absorbs right in and is decent in terms of hydration, but I tend to prefer something more moisturizing.

 - - Body Care - -
1 || Verbena Soothing Body Cleanser | $13.00 for 300 mL THE FACE SHOP ||
Very strong but pleasant verbena scent. This product is being discontinued so you can pick it up online at 50% right now.
2 || Cade After-Shave Balm | $36.00 for 75 mL | L'Occitane ||
This is technically for men, but since my man is too lazy to use this I decided to try it out myself. It's very nice actually! My skin felt pretty smooth after shaving my legs and putting this cream on afterwards. I think Andrew still has an untouched deluxe-sized sample of this at his place - I may use that as well.

3 || The Blue Cream | Secret Key ||
This is an interesting product. It's a gel-type moisturizer that's meant to hydrate your skin. I typically prefer cream-type moisturizers because gel ones tend to take longer to absorb and sometimes feel sticky afterwards - that's pretty much what this was. I'll admit that I used this primarily on my legs.

4 || Aloe Soothing Gel | Inoface ||
I got this gel right around the time that I started hearing about how good (and natural) aloe gel was for the skin. This gel got me through some tough times and annoying irritations, so I have to give it a solid five hearts. If you ever get the chance, try aloe gel! 

5 || Lemon + Sugar, Joy Inducing, Bubbles for Bath or Shower | ~$21.00 for 402.5 mL | Not Soap Radio ||
This smells amazing! I used it primarily as a shower gel and I have absolutely no complaints!

- - Makeup - - 
1 || The Original Beautyblender + Mini Solid Cleanser Kit | ~$29.00 | BeautyBlender ||
The Beautyblender has a cult following in the makeup world, so when I received this kit in - I believe it was Birchbox - I was pretty excited to try it out! What's special about this sponge is that it makes foundation application smooth, even, and flawless-looking. I'm grateful to have tried this sponge out, but what's really disappointing is that I started seeing mold grow on in only a week after I started using it. Believe me, I cleaned and dried it religiously during that time, but I couldn't prevent the mold. Now imagine if I paid full-price for this! I like the idea of a makeup blender and I haven't given up completely on it - I've been finding that THE FACE SHOP one works well and lasts very long, so that's been my go-to lately.

2 || Blush-On Powder in "Libertine" | $29.00 | Lise Watier ||
This will forever be my go-to blush. The colour is wonderful, universally flattering, and the formula is pretty great.

- - Miscellaneous - - 
1 || Toothy Tabs in "Dirty" | $9.95 for 50 g | LUSH ||
Lush recently reformulated, repackaged, and introduced new flavours to its toothy tab line. I've talked about these before, so I won't spend much time on this now.

2 || Perfume Refill for Electric Fragrance Diffuser in Pear Peony | $10.50 | Fruits & Passion ||
You have to purchase a plug-in station to use this. The Pear Peony fragrance is my favourite mainly because it smells so fresh. :) 

3 || Strawberries & Champagne Bath Bomb | ~$20 | Pearl Bath Bombs ||
I've actually had a chance to dedicate an entire post for a review of this bath bomb previously, so I won't go into too many details here.

4 || Shampure Soy Wax Candle | $40.00 for 275 g | Aveda ||
I got this candle from a friend around Christmas time last year. Lovely scent that you can also find in Aveda's Shampure line. The candle last for such a long time! One thing that I thought was super cool is that you can actually use the melted wax as a hand cream - this is especially great when you just can't get enough of that Shampure fragrance!
Thank you for reading! 💕

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