Tuesday, March 28, 2017

- - Cuter Cuticles | First Order: Review - -

Just over a week ago, one of my favourite people, Rebecca, told me about Cuter Cuticles, an Oshawa-based indie brand that sells inexpensive nail care products in the form of cuticle oils, butters, and other miscellaneous goodies! Sammy, the owner of Cuter Cuticles, is a nail art lover. After needing a solution to heal and moisturize her nails and cuticles, she decided to create her own products - with a delicious twist!

Naturally, after checking out the items in her shop I was instantly in "shut up and take my money!" mode. I didn't go too crazy with my first order, but I did pick up a few things that caught my eye and which I want to talk about today.

But just before I review the items I got, I wanted to take a moment to say that I appreciate the personal gesture that can be found in every order. In each package that she mails out, Sammy places a hand-written note addressed to the person whose items are being sent off. This is what I received:


My goof of a boyfriend accidentally got water on the note, so if some of the writing looks off, that's why!

In any case, I think the note is sweet gesture and you don't really see this kind of thing everywhere.

* Please note that all of the prices are in Canadian dollars.*

1 | Cuticle Oil | "Black Tie Affair" | $6.00 for 5 mL
This was the one item I was most excited about! BTA is a cuticle oil for men, so I was just really curious to find out what it smelled like. Now that I have it, let me tell you - it's pretty great! BTA basically smells like cologne. It doesn't have an overpowering fragrance; it's just a fresh and clean dude scent. I use this on my goof when I see him and as far as I can tell, he doesn't mind using cuticle oil and he likes the fragrance.

A side note - in general, I really like the packaging and the labels for CC's cuticle oils. What I have come to realize though is that the writing on the labels rubs off fairly easy, so be careful if you care to remember the ingredients or the name of your cuticle oil! Also, all of the cuticle oils come with a convenient rollerball applicator.

2 | Cuticle Oil | Custom Scent | $6.00 for 5 mL
What's really cool about Cuter Cuticles is that Sammy can actually create a custom scent for you! In her Facebook group there is a master list of fragrances that you can pick from and Sammy will make it for you to the best of her ability. If you ask her for something that's not on the list, she might be able to create that too.

What I was hoping to get was a scent similar to LUSH's Lord of Misrule shower cream, which has vanilla, patchouli, peppercorn, and black pepper. The custom scent I got isn't quite like LoM, but I like it anyways. The custom is definitely more vanilla (which makes it sweeter) whereas LoM is more patchouli (making it more spicy), but again - I don't mind it. 

3 | Cuticle Oil | "Marshmallow Fireside" | $6.00 for 5 mL
There's always a risk when you're purchasing scented products because let's face it, you might not like the scent. That's basically what happened with this cuticle oil and the next one...they just didn't work out for me. The only way I can describe Marshmallow Fireside is as a "sour" fragrance. There's nothing wrong with the formula (it's not old or anything); unfortunately, the scent is just too off-putting for me. Having said that, I did let my best friend try it and she loved it! Sooo you know what she left with when she went home after I saw her.

4 | Cuticle Oil | "Chocolate Covered Strawberries" | $6.00 for 5 mL

I found Chocolate Covered Strawberries to be much better than Marshmallow Fireside, but it still wasn't for me. CCS is definitely more chocolate than strawberry, which doesn't sound too bad. BUT it's not a pure chocolate scent and it reminds me too much of Chocolate Rocket from DAVIDsTEA, which is the one tea from them that I've always disliked. I did have another good friend who quickly became obsessed with CCS when I showed it to her, so this wasn't a complete loss either! 

5 & 6 | Mani Bombs | "Lemon" & "Spring Flower" | $2.00/ea
The last items I ordered were two mani bombs. These are like bath bombs, but for your hands/nails! The lemon one was different than the photo on the product page, so I was a little surprised, but it smells really good! My favourite one is the Spring Flower one. It smells heavenly - like something right out of LUSH. 😊

Both mani bombs are very crumbly, so you have to be careful when handling them (or at least I had to while taking photos). I have yet to try either one of the bombs, but I will soon! 

7 | Barrier Butter (small) | "Rose Petals" | $5.50 for 15 mL

I'm more of a cuticle oil person, but I did have to pick up one of Sammy's barrier butters to see what the buzz is about.

A barrier butter is a mixture of butters and oils that help to lock in moisturize for your hands & cuticles. A butter will definitely give you more hydration than the cuticle oils since the latter absorbs very quickly.

For the butter that I got, the rose scent is light and pleasant. I typically use this more at night than in the daytime because it's a little bit oily. I do really like it though and I'll definitely have to buy more butters in the future!


Have you ever heard of Cuter Cuticles?

Thank you for reading! 💚

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