Tuesday, March 21, 2017

- - L'Occitane | New Shea Butter Collection Review - -

Back in January, L'Occitane (pronounced "Lox-ee-tahn"), one of my favourite fragrance/skincare/body care brands, expanded their world-famous shea butter line!

The shea line is perhaps the most popular series of products at L'Occitane because it's the most nourishing yet it's the least fragranced. But more than that, the shea butter that L'Occitane uses in their products is ethically sourced from Burkina Faso in West Africa, where the company has a long-standing partnership with the women there. You can read more about L'Occitane's shea butter supply chain and its relationship with the people of Burkina Faso here.

For today's post, there are 5 new shea butter products to show you and I'm excited to do that right after the jump!
*Please note that all of the prices are in Canadian dollars.*

1 | Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm | $40.00 for 150 mL

One of the biggest releases at L'Occitane in January was the 25% Shea Hand Balm. It has 5% more shea butter than L'Occitane's staple shea hand cream, which makes it a lot thicker and more nourishing. L'Occitane recommends using this either as a daily hand cream (if your skin is really dry) or a couple of times a week as a hand mask.

The formula of the old 20% shea hand cream doesn't seem as thick anymore, so the 25% shea butter option is definitely much better for me - especially since I have really dry and sensitive hands.

The idea with a thicker hand cream is that you use less and it therefore lasts longer. For some reason for me it works the opposite! I've never actually had a tube used up this quickly before! Since I use the hand balm every night, I now have only about a third of the product left (so you'll see this in a Monthly Empties post soon!). Maybe my hands have been especially dry this winter...

2 | Shea Foaming Cleanser | $28.00 for 125 mL

The Shea Cleansing Foam is another new product I'm really stocked about! I've used this cleanser a few times now, but I'm mostly just trying to finish up what I currently have before completely diving into this cleanser. The texture is definitely a lot more watery than I'm used to, so I'm thinking that this might not last me very long. The scent is light, clean, comforting, neutral, and pleasant - pretty much like every product in the shea line at L'Occitane. Even though this cleanser is supposed to remove makeup, I take off the bulk of my makeup with another product first and then remove makeup residue with the shea cleanser.

3 | Shea Face Comforting Mist | $20.00 for 50 mL

This is a facial mist that you can use throughout the day to refresh and soothe the skin. I know a lot of people who really like this and, to be honest, I like how refreshing it feels. My only complaint is that the shea fragrance that this mist has is a bit too strong for me.

4 | Shea Milk Solidarity Soap | $3.00 for 50 g

I talked about this soap in my last post. What I didn't mention was that I purchased a whole bunch of these soaps to give away to friends and family because I truly love everything about it. I love the packaging, I love the staple shea fragrance (which is more pleasant than the shea mist), and I love that 100% of the profits (retail price less taxes, transportation & production costs) from the sale of this soap goes towards fighting preventable blindness. You can read more about L'Occitane's efforts to combat visual impairment here.

5 | Shea Butter Violet Solidarity Balm | $6.00 for 20 g
I don't see this on their website anymore, but you might still be able to find the violet solidarity balm at L'Occitane locations. I believe this was launched last month and same as with the solidarity soap, 100% of the profits (retail price less taxes, transportation & production costs) from each sale are donated - this time around to finance projects that promote women's leadership in the world.

While this balm was not necessarily launched with the shea line, I still decided to include it in this post because it's essentially a scented version of the pure shea butter that L'Occitane carries - or at least it's very similar to it. Just like the pure shea butter, the violet solidarity balm has shea butter as the first ingredient and it too can be used on the lips, body, and hair. You can also use it as a light perfume if you put it on the pressure points. Compared to L'Occitane's violet shea hand cream, the solidarity balm has a stronger and slightly sweeter scent. 


What's your favourite product from L'Occitane?

Thank you for reading! 💙

PS: Guess what else is new at L'Occitane! That amazing almond hand cream?
Yeah, there's a bigger version of it now! 

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