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A few weeks prior to Valentine's Day I started looking for some sort of unique gift for my significant other.

At one point I remembered that I had come across a website a while back that allowed you to upload photos and get them printed in polaroid form. That's pretty cool, right? Clearly Super Snaps (formerly known as Square Snaps) was the perfect gift option!

I ended up placing an order and I'm excited to share with you today how the photos turned out! More after the jump...


But first, a disclaimer:

In this post I'm actually reviewing my second order from Super Snaps. Why do I mention this? Well, because I never received my first order and to be honest, my initial experience with Super Snaps was...uhm...less than stellar.

To tell you about my experience  briefly - I placed my first order on January 26 in the hope that I would get my photos by Valentine's Day. I never received an order confirmation and it wasn't until I contacted Super Snaps almost a week later (Feb 1) that I was reassured that my order had been received. On February 6 I decided to reach out to Super Snaps again to check whether my order had been shipped. Aaand, of course, it hadn't been.

The representative I was communicating with knew I wanted my photos by February 14 but that wasn't possible, so a few days later I received an apology, a refund, and coupon code that I could use for next time. Super Snaps is a small London-based company and unfortunately they just couldn't keep up with the high volume of orders they were receiving around Valentine's Day.

I generally have a lot of patience for this kind of stuff, so I didn't mind placing another order (and in fact, that 's what I did the same day I got the refund). I just disliked that I had to initialize all the communication, and that ultimately I was waiting for two weeks only to have the gift I ordered cancelled.



Things did go a lot smoother with my second order. I received an order confirmation and it ended up being about 2.5 weeks between the day I placed my order to when it actually arrived in my mailbox. Slightly longer than I was expecting, but at least the end result was more positive this time around!

And guess what? For the most part, the photos actually turned out pretty great!

The photos arrived in a silver envelope; inside they were placed in a bundle that was held by cardboard pieces on either side.

Super Snaps has an amazing selection of products and photo prints. I chose to order one of the premium snaps - Spectrum Retros - which are made of the shiniest rainbow card stock. At every angle the photos are an amazing display of colour! I also chose these prints because I figured that Andrew, as a foil MTG card lover, would appreciate the "foil" look of the Spectrum Retros.

To give you a sense of what the Spectrum Retros look like at different angles, I've included a video below. My video quality turned out terrible though...I'm so sorry about that! 

Every print design has a minimum order amount. Anything above the minimum is an extra charge per photo depending on the design. For the Spectrum Retros I had to order at least 17 prints. I got some photos for myself and my brother as well, so I believe I ordered around 20 prints in total.

What's great is that you can upload photos from your device, computer, Facebook, or directly from Instagram. You can also choose to add a message to individual photos. I opted for handwritten dates, so I didn't take advantage of that this time around.

On the whole, the quality of the photos isn't too bad. BUT there were a few photos with defects, with the photo on the left (above) being the most dramatic one. Luckily, I ordered duplicates of some photos and I was able to gift the better looking ones. For my own photos I'm not too picky.

I did also notice a few different things about my photos: the Spectrum Retro snaps are very easy to scratch. So if you don't put them into an album right away (as I hadn't because I have nowhere to put them at the moment) then the border around the photo will get scratched up very quickly.

Also, to display them, I leaned my photos against various items on my table. Now I'm noticing that the photos have become slightly bent. Totally my fault, I know. What I'm thinking though is that if you use clip holders to display the photos, the same thing will happen; they will bend unless you hang the photos, frame them, or put them into an album. I'm pretty sure this is a common problem with any polaroid photos though.

So overall, I'm fairly happy with my (second) order of photos! I'm not sure if I'll ever order the Spectrum Retro snaps again, but I would love to try the Original Retro Snaps, Black Retro Snaps, and the Mini Pastel Retro Snaps.


Have you guys ever ordered from Super Snaps before?
I'd love to hear what kind of prints are your favourite!

Thank you for reading! 💗

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