Saturday, November 30, 2013

- - Julep | Charming, Daring and Timeless - -

Happy Saturday, everyone! We did it - we made it to the weekend! For those of you (like me) who don't really get a weekend, I hope you're able to find some time today or tomorrow to have a nice cup of tea/coffee and just relax.

Today I wanted to show you quick swatches of three of Julep's lip glosses: Charming, Daring, and Timeless. I'm fairly new to swatching lip glosses, so please be kind :)

Two swipes were used for the swatches above.

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First, a quick recap -  Julep released their new lip gloss collection in November, which consists of 5 colours: Charming, Daring, Glowing, Posh, Timeless.

L - R: Charming, Daring, Glowing, Posh, Timeless

Julep describes each of these colours as:
Charming: Sheer mauve gloss
Daring: Sheer bright red gloss luster 
Glowing: Sheer light pink gloss 
Posh: Sheer black honey gloss 
Timeless: Sheer nude gloss
See these colours swatched on Julep's blog.
As you can see, all of the colours are sheen. In my experience with Charming, Daring, and Posh, the lip glosses are ever-so-slightly sticky and they have a pleasant vanilla scent. I don't find the scent to be overpowering. Each lip gloss costs $17.60, which is kind of steep for lip gloss, but it's only Timeless that I purchased at this price. I received Charming in my November "Boho Glam" box and Daring in the Holiday Glam Kit, which came free with a $35+ purchase. Alright, on to my swatches!

   - - Charming - -

Charming was the very first lip gloss that I received from Julep, so I think it's appropriate to begin this review with it. I received Charming in Julep's November Maven box. All of the Julep colours are pretty sheer, with just a tint of pigment in them. Charming has a slight mauve tint. When I have Charming on, it almost looks almost like my natural lip colour - with an emphasized gloss, of course.

This was the photo I used when reviewing Charming in the November Maven box. The colour looks almost peachy in this photo, but again, I find that it simply emphasizes the natural colour of my lips.

This is another photo, but this time with natural lighting. The photo is a bit bright because of the light coming from a window that was right in front of me.

- - Daring - -

I'm sorry that the photo is a bit blurry.
I often like lip glosses because - and this might seem like a strange thing to say - they don't require the same kind of commitment as with lip sticks. Sure there colour is not as bold with lip glosses, but you have the freedom of applying the colour as you wish (as often as you wish). The red tint of Daring is, in my humble opinion, enough to give you lovely red lips. The colour is enough - if I may put it in this way - to get your point across. Also, as you can hopefully see in the photo above, Daring has quite a lot of sparkles. However, they come across in quite a subtle fashion.

 - - Timeless - -

I'm just going to put this out right now - I absolutely adore Timeless. Although I have quite a few red lip glosses and lip sticks, strangely enough I've been really attracted to nude colours lately. From what I remember, when the selections for November came out, Julep offered Timeless along with their lip primer in the Modern Beauty box. I believe it was the only set that offered Timeless. I didn't care too much about the lip primer, so I let Timeless go. I went with Cynthia as an add-on for that box. Not really sure why I didn't choose Timeless as an add-on; it was either not offered, or I thought I had spend enough money that month. 

Nonetheless, I purchased this lip gloss at the full Maven price and - get this - I actually received TWO Timeless(es?) in my box. This was probably a mistake on the part of Julep, but I can't say that I'm complaining! I'm not really sure what to do in a situation like this though - any thoughts?

Anyways, here is a close-up of Timeless in natural lighting so that you can see all the little gold sparkles in this lip gloss. The sparkles are not overpowering at all when you actually have the colour on.


I'd love to try Posh sometime, so I think that will be next on my list.

Are there any colours that you've had a chance to try? 

Thank you for reading & I wish you all a great weekend!~

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