Friday, November 15, 2013

- - Julep | Diamond Mystery Box - -

Hi everyone!

I'm staying up pretty late tonight because of an essay that I need to finish before I go to sleep, but I wanted to take a moment to say hello and to briefly tell you guys about Julep's Diamond Mystery Box.

For $24.99 you can purchase the mystery box that contains $120 worth of products inside. The contents of this box are, of course, a mystery. I've been doing some research and apparently this mystery box actually has a really good value -- I believe the last mystery box that had $120 worth of items cost around $39.99.

Keep in mind: it may seem like you're getting an amazing deal -- which, don't get me wrong, you definitely will no matter what the contents of the box are -- but keep in mind that $120 reflects the retail price that Julep assigns to its products.

One, or rather, two things for sure -- the diamond glitter top coats, Geo & Antonia, will be included in this box. So basically that's $28 ($14 x 2) worth of products right there. When I first saw these polishes I didn't really know how much use I could get out of them since I haven't really used glitter nail polish in a really long time. But now that the two swatches (above) have come out, I actually don't think I mind them all that much. I've been loving the diamond-print that Julep has decorate their holiday sets with, so I'm actually a bit excited to see that diamond glitter in person.

In any case, I always love a mystery so I ordered this box and am now impatiently waiting for it. :) This box is available for a limited time, so if you're thinking of getting it definitely do so soon. If you're not really sure about this box then you can always try picking up a mystery add-on with your purchase. I believe the add-on is available for $9.99 just before checkout.

Alrighty, back to my essay! Hopefully I get it done tonight before I become completely exhausted.

Thank you for reading & I hope you all have a lovely day~ 

P.S: one lucky lady will "find a pair of sparkly diamond earrings in her box." (Julep) 

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