Wednesday, November 06, 2013

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As the holidays approach, lots of stores are gearing up for holiday shoppers.

This is just a quick summary of what's going on right now at Julep, Ann Taylor, and Club Monaco...



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In addition to updating their Holiday Gift Guide, Julep is offering their Holiday Glam Kit free with a purchase of $35 or more. This is going on until November 10th, 2013. I think it's a pretty amazing promotion considering that the Holiday Glam Kit is worth $72 on it's own. What's also stellar is that this kit is essentially a ready-made gift that you can give to someone.


Events Collection
Ann Taylor has just released their new holiday collection & there is also an additional 40% off of sale items. The additional percentage off of sale items is great for everybody that is living in the U.S. Being in Canada, however, (or anywhere else for that matter) sucks because it's a U.S.-only promotion. It's so strange that Ann Taylor offers shipping to Canada now, but still does not include Canada in most of its promotions & sales. (Why, Ann Taylor? Why??) In any case, it is what it is.



Coat Shop: Men // Women

Although the coats are still a little bit pricey, for anyone who is interested - Club Monaco is offering 30% off of their coats until November 12th, 2013. This is an online-only promotion.


The promotions I've listed above are obviously not the only ones that there are in the world. They are simply the ones that have caught my eye recently. Please feel free to share if there are sales/promotions that have caught your eye :)

Best wishes & thank you for reading!

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