Tuesday, December 30, 2014

- - [3] Cards Against Humanity | 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa | Day 3 Review - -

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a lovely holiday season!

Today I have for you the Day 3 envelope from Cards Against Humanity's holiday event, the 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa.

Here's the rundown of this year's Holiday Bulls--t campaign - you pay Cards Against Humanity $15 (Canadians pay $25) and get sent 10 little mystery gifts for the "10 days or whatever of Kwanzaa." In addition to getting some interesting gifts, there is also a hidden puzzle somewhere amidst the gifts for which there is some sort of wonderful prize. You can follow along with the progress of the puzzle with CAH here.

Let's take a look at envelope #3 right after the jump...

I was pretty sure this time around that there would be a pack of cards inside the envelope. I was right!

Here's a look inside:

The pack contained 2 black (question) cards and 8 white (answer) cards. Here are some of my combinations:

Kwanzaa has officially started at this point, so I hope everyone who is celebrating it (and even those who aren't) are having a lovely week!

There are 7 more envelopes to go, so keep an eye out for those. =)

Thanks for reading!

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