Tuesday, March 01, 2016

- - Epic Blend | Lip Balm Review - -

Today I wanted to talk about MY FAVOURITE PRODUCT EVER! As you may have guessed, that is lip balm.

BUT not just any lip balm - Epic Blend lip balm!

Some of you may agree with me. Others may find these lip balms to be annoying filler in subscription boxes. In any case, after years and years of searching, I can tell you that there's nothing better out there than these for me. Why? Let me tell you why I think these lip balms are so great!

Tell you more after the jump. :)

Let me get right to the point. What I like about these balms is that they are:
  1. SUPER moisturizing. The hydration lasts and lasts and lasts and...you get it. :)
  2. 100% natural. Feel good about what you're putting on!
  3. Petroleum-free. Petroleum isn't necessarily bad for you, but it's not necessarily good for you either. Epic Blend is basically a better alternative for your lips.
  4. Canadian! Because who doesn't love Canada? :)
  5. Something that you have tons of choice in. Want something vegan? More moisturizing? Tinted? Done, done, and done! :)
In fact, if you're thinking of picking up a lip balm, here are the collections you can choose from:

Hemp Lip Balms:

Vegan Lip Balms:
  • Pineapple-Mint - A surprisingly wonderful flavour!
  • Wild Berry - This is another one that I really like.
  • Peach - Not bad, but not as strong of a peach flavour as I would've liked.
  • Chocolate - Pretty true flavour.
More Moisture Lip Balm:
  • Unflavoured - I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm sure it's wonderful.
  • Grape - This is another one that I really like; although the one I had became granulated.
  • Cherry - Not a fan of cherry-flavoured anything, so this one isn't for me.
  • Green Apple - Very refreshing :)
Tinted Lip Balm:
  • Garnet Star (Pomegranate) - I really like this one. I wish there were more flavours available in a tinted lip balm because you get tired after so much pomegranate all the time, you know?

At the end of the day, I think the most important aspect of these lip balms is the company that stands behind them.

Epic Blend's customer service is fantastic! Every order has consistently come to me lovingly packed and with a hand-written thank you note. It has also been amazing that an additional free lip balm has always been added to my order. :)

The photos in this post are from an order I placed last summer (I know, it's been a while). This was a time when Epic Blend totally blew me away with their announcement. Here I was sitting around and moping that they discontinued the limited edition Banana lip balm, when they announced that not only were they going to bring back my favourite flavour, but they were introducing a number of new flavours to their lineup as well! Eeek! I was so ecstatic that I ordered all the new flavours right away. :)

I have to say though, out of all the Epic Blend flavours that I've tried, my favourite so far has been the banana one.

First off, if you love bananas, you will LOVE the scent of this lip balm! Promise! It's very true scent. If you're wondering why I ordered so many banana lip balms (above) it's to stick one into every pocket and purse I own. Lip balms have this tendency to disappear on you when you need them the most, you know? More than this, however, I order a lot of the banana flavour so that I can give them out to friends to try.

Another reason why I love the banana flavour is because by far it is the most moisturizing - more so than any other flavour I tried. I'm not sure why this is. The formula is very consistent; it doesn't granulate and is completely smooth throughout.

Have you tried any of the Epic Blend lip balms? What flavour is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!

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