Thursday, March 03, 2016

- - Saje | Bath Swish Review - -

Happy Thursday!

Have you ever heard of Saje? I first found out about this Canadian brand when the new mall wing opened at Sherway Gardens. I have since purchased quite a few products from Saje that I have really liked.

What is special about Saje is that it's a 100% natural brand of essential oil products, wellness accessories, remedies, skincare, and much more.

In December when I was putting gift baskets together, I decided to throw in a bath swish from Saje into each basket. You're probably wondering what exactly a "bath swish" is. Its main purpose is to help you relax with the essential oil aroma that it diffuses. Think of it as a bath bomb, but more for its scent than its effect in the water. The bath swishes are small, smell great, and come in super colourful packaging! Of course I couldn't resist picking up two for myself. :)

Want to read about how they worked out? Read on!

The first bath swish I picked up was the Good Karma Bath Swish. The essential oils of orange make this bath swish smell soo good! I love it. :)

Once you take off the wrapper, the bath swish underneath is actually white. The smell is a lot stronger at this point, which is awesome. :)

So I went ahead and threw Good Karma into the bathtub and...

...mmm, nothing really happened. The aroma that was supposed to diffuse disappeared very quickly. The bath swish also kind of fizzled out and sank to the bottom. Not all of it even dissolved! Within a minute or so all I was pretty much left with was just a small pile of bath swish:

Finding this whole experience kind of underwhelming, I saw a little paper in the pile and remembered that there are fortunes in these bath swishes!

Sweet, right? :)

A couple of days later I tried the Lavender Bath Swish and I hate to say it, but my experience was pretty much the same.

Within minutes the aroma of the lavender essential oil was pretty much undetectable (I have left the room for some time and came back, so I couldn't have gotten used to it).

The only thing I was left with was a sweet little fortune.


I really like all of the products I've gotten so far from Saje, but their bath swishes definitely left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. They don't really do much beyond giving you a fortune, which is kind of cool and unique, but probably not worth the $4.95 CAD price tag. Having said that, I think that I would want to try at least one more bath swish before I give up on them completely.

Have you ever tried the bath swishes from Saje? I would love to hear how they worked out for you in the comments below. :)

Thank you for reading!

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