Thursday, March 10, 2016

- - THEFACESHOP | Ink Lipquid [Moisture] Swatches & Review - -

Happy Thursday!

Today I wanted to very quickly share with you the swatches of the newest Ink Lipquids from THEFACESHOP that I mentioned in my previous post. The photos didn't come out as well as I hoped they would, so I apologize for that.

One the bright side - I had my friend Sallie help me with swatches this time around, so you can see what the colours are like on a slightly different skintone than mine. :)

I'll show you everything after the jump...

Eight new colours have been added to the original Lipquid lippies at THEFACESHOP.

However, it is not only the shades that are new - the Ink Lipquid [moisture] have a an oil-blend serum in their formula that is supposed to make them more hydrating than their original counterparts.

The concept of an Ink Lipquid is interesting since it combines a lipstick, a lip stain, and a lip gloss all in one product. There is the long-lasting effect of a lip stain, the vivid colour and semi-matte finish of a lipstick, and then there is the texture and the semi-glossy finish of a lip gloss.

The ingredients are pretty average for a cosmetic product.

The colours of both the original and the new Ink Lipquids seem very bright in the swatches, but they are a lot more muted on the lips. So if you're not into flashy colours, you might still like these - plus the Ink Lipquid [moisture] have toned down colours now as well.

The Ink Lipquids have a doe foot applicator and although the packaging says that you can use the tip to line your lips, I would still use a crayon/pencil lip liner beforehand - especially because I find that the Ink Lipquids bleed.

The swatches (which took 2-3 swipes) were taken pretty quickly after their application, so some of them didn't have time to dry/set. They do dry semi-matte/semi-glossy.

Similar to the Melting Lip Creamers, the Ink Lipquids have incredible staying power. In the photo below, I used makeup removing tissues to get rid of the swatches. My friend used a makeup remover and then a gritty scrub to do the same. You can clearly see that neither one was 100% effective!

Even now I can see a bit of the swatches on my arm - and this is almost a week after I took these photos! I promise I wash well!

The Ink Lipquids and the Ink Lipquids [moisture] are sold at THEFACESHOP locations for $25.00 CAD

What do you think of the Ink Lipquids?

Thank you for reading!

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