Thursday, February 27, 2014

- - Monthly Manicures | February 2014 - -

Hi friends!'s incredible how fast February flew by! I remember it was not so long ago that I was posting my first Monthly Manicures post and looking forward to this one. As I mentioned in January, this space is for me to show you my experiments with various nail designs and techniques. I'm still a bit rusty with everything, so please bear with me! Unlike in January, this month I got to try out a combination of polishes. I hope you enjoy! 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

- - Mystery Tackle Box | February 2014 Review - -

Hi everyone!

A little while ago I mentioned that there were a few subs I stumbled upon while searching for a gift for Andrew. One of these was the Mystery Tackle box. So in January I decided to give it a try and subscribe for a month. I was able to get my first box for only $4.99 (regular is $15) after using the code GET499. I am in no way a fishing buff, so I can't really comment on the products we received in this box, but I did notice that Andrew was really excited about this subscription - dare I say, even more so than the Loot Crate! 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

- - Topbox | February 2014 Review - -

Hi friends!

Last month I finally got the chance to get off of the waitlist for Topbox. The whole waiting period took about a month, but it was one of those things where I didn't remember that I had signed up until I got the email letting me know there was a spot available. This was actually the second time I had to sign up because I wasn't sure if the first time went through since I was waiting close to about two months. In general, based on all of the reviews that I have across for Topbox, I haven't really been too impressed with what I have seen. However, the products in my regular Topbbox this month weren't too bad actually. For a full review, please click "Read more"...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

- - 23 Goals I Would Like To Accomplish Before Turning 23 - -

Hello, hello!

It is said that it takes 6 weeks of doing something consistently to develop a good habit.

That is kind of what brings me to what I am going to talk about next. Last night I was reading through a few blog entries by Rebecca of Hello Pretty Bird! when I stumbled upon her "30 Before 30" post, which chronicles her progress in achieving the 30 goals she has set for herself before turning 30 this year. Feeling inspired, I've decided to take up my own version of that challenge. Since it'll be a while before I get to a milestone (an age that ends with "5" or "0"), I've decided that just ahead of my upcoming birthday this April (when I will turn 22) I am going to set 23 goals for myself before turning 23 years old in 2015.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

- - Saffron Rouge Inner Circle | February 2014 Review - -

Hi everyone! 

I am back today with another installment of my favourite subscription - Saffron Rouge's Inner Circle! Seriously, my friends, Inner Circle is hands down one of the best boxes I subscribe to. Not only does this sampling service allow you to try out various organic brands from around the world, these monthly boxes also continue to yield an incredible value of goods - with the February box being no exception. I actually find that I'm no longer worried about being disappointed when my Inner Circle packages come in because clearly Saffron Rouge knows what they are doing and they are clearly doing it well. To access my full review of the February Inner Circle package, please read further... 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

- - Beauty Box 5 | February 2014 Review - -

Hello, hello!

It turns out that February marks the second anniversary of Beauty Box 5, a subscription service that offers 4-5 beauty product samples every month for its subscribers. I actually didn't know that February was BB5's birthday. To be honest, if I didn't see the product/birthday card included with this month's box, I probably wouldn't have known for some time. For a full review of the February box, please read further...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

- - Ipsy | "Look of Love" | February 2014 Glam Bag Review - -

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. :)

Today I have for you a review of my ipsy bag for the month. In general, I'm loving how quickly I received most of my subscriptions this month (still waiting on Topbox) - a welcome change from January. For ipsy, the February bag was filled with all kinds goodies, and if you'd like to access the full review, please read on...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

- - Julep | The Dramatic Collection | Boho Glam | February 2014 Maven Review - -

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Today I'm excited to show you the February Maven box from Julep. On January 20th, Julep debuted their selections for the February "Dramatic Collection." One of the great things about Julep is that they allow you a 4-day gap to choose your box, so that each month you always know what you're getting.

There were some really nice colours in this month's collection, so it was a bit tough to choose which box I would go for. Finally, I decided to go with Boho Glam, which included a liquid eyeshadow in Warm Fig, as well as Judi, Kristen, and Love (a gift that everyone received from Julep founder, Jane). I chose to add on another eyeshadow in Pale Nude and the colours: Roc Solid and Glam Roc. For a full review, please read further...

Sunday, February 09, 2014

- - Monthly Empties | January 2014 - -

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!

Before I continue, I want to say a big thank you to those of you who have been following my blog for the past little while. Whether you leave comments, share my posts, or follow my blog from time to time, please know that I greatly appreciate your support and it encourages me to continue writing.

Along with my "Monthly Manicures" series, I recently decided to jump on the bandwagon and start the year off with a "Monthly Empties" series as well. I actually don't usually go through a lot of products during the course of a month, but since I started receiving subscription boxes this past November, I am now gradually coming to the end of a few sample bottles. Please read further for a look at the products I finished in January...

Friday, February 07, 2014

- - Monthly Manicures | January 2014 - -

Happy Friday everyone!

I have decided to start up a series of monthly posts, which I'm going to call "Monthly Manicures." Since I don't post my nail polish attempts designs on an individual basis, I'm going to try out posting whatever colours/designs I did experiment with for a given month at the end of that month. Right now I'm really rusty with my polish application as well as the lighting for my pictures, but I really hope you bear with me while I work on improving my techniques! Please read further to check out some of my manicures from January 2014...

- - Loot Crate | "Launch" | January 2014 Review - -

Hey everyone!

Today I have for you the latest Loot Crate. Seeing how awesome the December Loot Crate was made me and Andrew really excited for the January box to arrive. Unlike last month, the January box took only about a week to arrive at Andrew's house and I got a shipping notice on the 17th (rather than the 20th). Please read further for a full review...