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- - Julep | The Dramatic Collection | Boho Glam | February 2014 Maven Review - -

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Today I'm excited to show you the February Maven box from Julep. On January 20th, Julep debuted their selections for the February "Dramatic Collection." One of the great things about Julep is that they allow you a 4-day gap to choose your box, so that each month you always know what you're getting.

There were some really nice colours in this month's collection, so it was a bit tough to choose which box I would go for. Finally, I decided to go with Boho Glam, which included a liquid eyeshadow in Warm Fig, as well as Judi, Kristen, and Love (a gift that everyone received from Julep founder, Jane). I chose to add on another eyeshadow in Pale Nude and the colours: Roc Solid and Glam Roc. For a full review, please read further...
Julep - Basic Info:
- - Frequency & Cost: $19.99/a month (price increases with add-ons) (referral link)
- - Products: at least two nail polishes and one beauty product 
- - Promo Code: use code FREEBOX or FREECOLOR to get your first box free! (small shipping fee applies)
- - Shipping Cost: FREE (7 - 10 days)

If you'd like to know more about Julep, you can get more information here. 
1 || Julep Eye Sheen in Warm Fig Shimmer & Pale Nude Shimmer 
   || $18.00 (Non-Maven) / $14.40 (Non-Maven) for 4.3 g / 0.15 oz (each)

Pale Nude Shimmer
Warm Fig Shimmer

In the February collection Julep introduced their newest product - cream eyeshadows. I am typically not an eyeshadow kind of gal, but these looked promising, so I decided to go for it and ordered two eyeshadows (one was included in my Boho Glam box; the second, I purchased as an add-on for $11). Mavens could customize the shade of eyeshadow they wanted to receive in their box (with the exception of It Girl, which included 4 nail polishes this month).

I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this, but upon taking them out of their boxes, I was surprised to find that the eyeshadow containers are so tiny. Below, I've included some pictures to show you how small they are:

After getting over the fact that the eyeshadow containers are only about 3 cm long, I did get to try these out. Both eyeshadows have a gel-like consistency and are quite pigmented, which means that you only need to use a little bit to get the full colour. So, even though the containers are small, it will probably take a while for you to finish these. At least I know it will take a while for me because I'm not really an avid eyeshadow user.

(Edit - Feb. 18, 2014)  
I'm going to be brave and show you guys a look I've created with these eyeshadows:

2 || Boho Glam Colours: Judi & Kristen 
    || $14.00 (Non-Maven) / $11.20 (Maven) each

Judi & Kristen
Judi & Kristen
Judi - English violet crème.
Kristen - Deep sea teal with silver microshimmer.

I'm looking forward to trying these colours!

Add-On Polishes|| Glam Roc & Roc Solid || $14.00 (Non-Maven) / $11.20 (Maven) each

Roc Solid & Glam Roc
Roc Solid & Glam Roc
Roc Solid
Glam Roc
Glam Roc - Midnight purple & gold stardust (matte glitter).
Roc Solid - Vintage military crème

I haven't tried Roc Solid yet, but the formula seems watery. With Glam Roc I finally got to try out a textured nail polish. It's a beautiful colour in the bottle, but to be honest, I kind of have mixed feelings about it.

Glam Roc - without a top coat.
Glam Roc - with a top coat.
Close-up: Glam Roc with a top coat.
With flash and a top coat, Glam Roc isn't too bad. But without those things I feel like Glam Roc is a bit dull. I understand that it's supposed to have a matte finish, but maybe I'm just not used to it. I'll have to keep experimenting. On the other hand, this polish has really good coverage, so you'll only need one coat most times.

Bonus Nail Polish || Love

Love was a gift to everyone from Julep founder, Jane Park. Appropriately titled for February, Love was the main reason I was so anxious to receive my box this month. The colour is described by Julep as a "full-coverage gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter." When I took it out of the box, I was a little taken back by the green-ish tint of Love. Since then I have warmed up to Love and I realize that it really depends on what kind of lighting you're looking at the colour in.

...and something for Valentine's Day:

Sneak peek! I'll discuss this in the February Monthly Manicures post.
Thank you so much for reading! -A.~

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